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Vauxhall Astra and Sports Tourer estate colours guide and prices

The Vauxhall Astra has a high quality interior, noticeably more style than its forebear and, in Sports Tourer estate form, fabulous practicality. We’ve put together a list of the paint shades available to make choosing the perfect hue for your new car as easy as possible.

Use our Vauxhall Astra car configurator or Astra Sports Tourer car configurator to get great deal on a brand new car. Take a look at our car paint types guide to understand the differences between the various finishes on offer.

Solid colours

Power red – £0

Power red is a fiery tone that suits the Astra well. Red should hide road grime for a decent length of time but might not be as popular as more neutral choices when it comes time to sell it on.

Royal blue – £0

This navy blue shade is a lot more sedate than ‘Power red’ and gives the Astra a classy look, more akin to its premium rivals. Dark colours such as this hide dirt and grime well, and it’s always popular with used car buyers so will be easy to shift come resale time.

Brilliant colours

Summit white – £275

The only white on our list will look great when clean and will be very easy to resell. It’ll get grimy very quickly though, so be sure to budget for plenty of visits to your local car wash.

Metallic colours

Granite grey – £545

Granite grey is one of three silver tones on offer and comes with a pale gold element that lends it some extra depth. Its likely to hold its value quite well too – subtle colours such as this tend to be popular with second-hand car buyers and, because it’s at the darker end of the spectrum, it’ll last longer between washes, too.

Soft bronze – £545

Not a colour for those who shy away from attention, soft bronze is a distinctive shade that’ll certainly stand out in the supermarket car park. It should hide dirt very well but not everyone will like this golden colour which could affect ease of resale.

Dark caramel – £545

Dark caramel is a rich brown that’ll make your Astra look very classy, especially when paired with the larger alloy wheels of top-spec examples. It’s a very subtle hue so should sell nearly as easily as monochrome cars. In addition, this colour will hide road grime for a very long time before you’ll need to wash it.

Deep sky blue – £545

This dark blue tone is a little lighter than the solid royal blue and, as a result, shows off the Astra’s curves a little better. It’s not the most exciting shade, but will hide grime well and should be easy to sell on.

Carbon flash – £545

Carbon Flash is your only option if you’re after a black Astra. Black tends to be popular with used car buyers too but, unlike many darker hues, it’s a pain to keep clean and poor quality car washes can leave swirl marks behind.

Sovereign silver – £545

Sovereign silver is a simple monotone shade that suits the Astra’s company car image very well. A light silver such as this won’t hide dirt very well but will at least be popular in the second hand car market.

Flip chip silver – £545

Flip chip silver has hints of very pale blue in certain lights. It probably won’t be quite as popular as a conventional silver with used car buyers but will require a similarly frequent cleaning regime to keep it looking good.

Pearlescent colours

Emerald green – £545

Emerald green is a rich hue that should stay looking clean for fairly lengthy periods. Thanks to being at the subtler end of the green spectrum it’ll be easy to sell on, too.

Asteroid grey – £545

Asteroid grey is a dark grey with a hint of brown. The fact it costs the same as a regular metallic tone makes it a great choice, too. In addition, it should be easy to sell to the used market and easy to keep clean thanks to its dark hue.

Save money on your Vauxhall Astra

With our Vauxhall Astra car configurator and Astra Sports Tourer car configurator you can get great prices from dealers across the UK. If you’re still not sure what model to buy, take a look at our car chooser tool and deals page.

Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer

A practical small family estate
£20,355 - £27,895
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Vauxhall Astra

A class-leading, British-built hatchback
£18,665 - £27,435
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