DS 3 Crossback interior

You get a cool-looking cabin design as standard in the DS 3 Crossback, but it isn’t all that intuitive to use.


The DS 3 Crossback’s interior does a great job of differentiating it from similar alternatives – you’ll find a raised driving position and a broad dashboard as is usual for a crossover, but it’s also genuinely eye-catching with a futuristic, posh design that makes some alternatives such as the Audi Q2 look a bit bland.

There are some drawbacks to the modern looks – it’s far from the easiest interiors to use. You still have to get used to some controls (such as those for the windows) being positioned in a different place to what you’re used to – a VW T-Cross interior is easier to use at a glance.

To take your mind off those confusing controls, the DS has no fewer than nine combinations for the interior upholstery and colour scheme – you can go from black through bronze and you can even pick a mostly white interior that gives a spacious, airy feeling to the interior.

DS calls those ‘inspirations’ and they change the seat fabric colour, the colour of most of the dashboard, the headliner colour and the look of the seats. The most eye-catching seats have a ‘watchstrap’ look to them that’s unique to DS. Unfortunately, those snazzy seats are only available on the top-spec La Premiere trim.

The DS 3 Crossback looks like a car from the future inside, but you have to pay dearly to get the snazzy interior you see in these photos.

Mat Watson
carwow expert


The funky dashboard of the DS 3 Crossback would look very weird without a screen in the middle, but thankfully, even the entry-level model gets a 7-inch touchscreen as standard.

The screen is bright enough so that you can see it easily when it’s sunny outside, but unfortunately there aren’t any handy physical shortcut buttons like the ones you’d find in a Hyundai Kona. You do get shortcuts in the DS, but they are touch-sensitive tiles, making it hard to know whether you’ve pressed them or not.

Entering an address or adding in a detour is a simple and logical process but what’s frustrating is that you have to manually select ‘yes’ on the touchscreen in order to continue guidance every time you restart the car – hesitate for a couple of minutes with the car running and your route disappears.

You have to go to for a mid-range Prestige model in order to get the sat-nav with 3D maps as standard. You can add sat-nav as an option to lesser models, although that seems unnecessary when you can just hook up your phone via the standard-fit Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity and use its own sat-nav apps.

If you’re serious about your music, the optional Focal sound system for the DS 3 Crossback is well worth considering. The system is specifically designed with the DS 3 Crossbacks’ cabin acoustics in mind and if the sheer power of the system is anything to go by, it’s a good upgrade to have.

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