Fiat 500L interior

Combining style with practicality was obviously an aim for the 500L’s designers and they’ve done a good job of giving buyers a decent chunk of both.


Squircles – Fiat speak for rounded squares – feature predominantly throughout the interior and there’s a large panel of body coloured plastic on the passenger side of the dashboard that’s a clear nod to the original Fiat 500.

Everything oozes style and there's lots more space than in a regular 500

Mat Watson
carwow expert


You wouldn’t have got a infotainment system in the classic model, but in the 500L all cars come with one of sorts. To get a colour display, though, you’ll have to avoid the basic model – everything else gets a five-inch display with a Bluetooth phone connection. DAB radio and sat-nav cost extra, but the system’s home buttons make it easy to use and the graphics are clear in all but bright sunshine where it can suffer from glare.

Available trims

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