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Unlike in some convertibles, there’s space in the Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet’s back seats for two adults with the roof up. Sadly, bootspace is more limited than in similar-size soft tops

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Passenger space

The Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet is just as spacious inside as the C-Class Coupe, so you’ll have no trouble getting comfortable in the front if you’re over six-feet tall. Both front seats come with electric height adjustment and adjustable lumbar support so you’ll have no trouble finding your ideal seating position and you shouldn’t be bothered by backache on long drives.

Unfortunately, climbing in the back seats isn’t a particularly graceful manoeuvre – especially with the roof up. The front seats slide forward electrically to give your passengers a bigger gap to squeeze through, but tall adults will have to stoop down uncomfortably to avoid hitting their head on the Mercedes’ sloping fabric roof.

Once your passengers have squeezed their way in, however, space in the C-Class Cabriolet’s back seats is actually pretty good – for a convertible, anyway. There’s enough legroom for six-footers to get comfy and only very tall passengers will find their heads brushing against the fabric roof.

Just like the C-Class Coupe, there are only two seats in the back so there’s plenty of shoulder and elbow room to go round and it’s even relatively easy to fit a child seat. The standard Isofix anchor points are clearly marked and – with the roof down – it’s a doddle to lift in and secure the seat.

The dark roof fabric lining you get in AMG-Line cars makes them feel a little more cramped in the back than other versions, but you can quickly solve this by putting the roof down. The fabric folds extend forwards over the rear headrests as it goes, however, so your taller passengers will have to lean forwards slightly to avoid it brushing against their heads.

Storage space

The C-Class Cabriolet’s front doors have large enough pockets to hold a 1.5-litre water bottle and there’s space under the folding central armrest for a third bottle. You get two cupholders tucked neatly under a folding cover in the centre console alongside a 12V socket, a USB port and a tray to put your phone it.

Unfortunately, the glovebox isn’t particularly roomy and most of the available space is taken up by the bulky owner’s manual. The two rear-seat cupholders aren’t particularly deep, either, and there aren’t any extra storage bins for passengers in the back.

You’ll probably never call upon the C-Class Cabriolet to haul a load of 2x4s back from B&Q, but it’s still good to know you can flip the seats down to carry long items if you ever need to

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Boot space

The Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet has the smallest boot of any model of C-Class on sale, but there’s still just enough space for you to carry a couple of small suitcases or a large baby buggy – with the roof up at least. Its 370-litre capacity is the same size as a BMW 4 Series Convertible’s boot and only very slightly smaller than what you get in an Audi A5 Cabriolet.

Thankfully, the boot opening is pretty wide so there’s enough room for you to hoist in a wide suitcase, and you even get a handy divider to make sure you leave enough space to fold the roof down. If you’re certain you’ll leave the roof up, you can fold this away to maximise the Mercedes’ carrying capacity.

If you need to carry very long luggage, you can flip the back seats down in a two-way (50:50) split – something you can’t do in many other convertibles. You also get a smattering of tether points, a netted cubby and enough space under the floor to tuck a small soft bag. There’s also a folding plastic crate that’ll prove useful if you’ve got plenty of small items to carry.

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