2012 Audi RS5 Facelift – What’s Different?

The Audi RS5 is familiar to motoring enthusiasts thanks to that powerful V8 engine, quattro driveline, and stunning good looks.
Audi clearly had the BMW M3 in their sights when they released it but the previous model was criticised by some for being a bit too soft, a bit less focused than the Bavarian sports car.
Has Audi seen the light and made it harder, edgier, and faster in an attempt to steal sales?


The RS5s good looks are pretty much unaltered; the only changes are some slight changes to the front grille, more pronounced curves to the bonnet, solid band wraparound LED lights, new front and rear bumpers, and a new design of alloy wheel.
Even though we could have predicted the extent of the changes they have left the RS5 looking fresh and mean, which is a great combination for a wannabe BMW M3-eater.


The changes are more extensive inside, but just as familiar. That means that you now get Bluetooth, iPod connectivity, DVD-based sat-nav, and, more interestingly, cruise control, which can be upgraded to the adaptive system, which maintains a constant distance from the car in front and will brake if a collision is imminent.
The flat-bottomed steering wheel is back and its now linked to a more efficient electromechanical power steering system. Audi has also tweaked some of the minor controls including those for the air-con, Multi Media Interface, electric mirrors and windows, instrument stalks and the gear lever.

Annoyingly, no photos have yet been released of the new interior.


The engine is the same naturally-aspirated 4.2-litre V8 that weve come to know and love. It still loves to rev, still churns out 456bhp, and still sounds fantastic, especially if it is breathing through the optional sports exhaust, which forms part of the 2,250 Sport Package alongside Dynamic Ride Control, dynamic steering, and 20 alloy wheels.
What has changed is that it now hits 62mph in 4.5 seconds, 0.1 seconds faster than before. Its also slightly more economical, with official figures showing that it can return up to 26.9mpg.
Audi RS5 2012 back

Worth knowing

If a top speed of 155mph isnt fast enough for you then you can pay Audi to have the limiter removed, allowing the RS5 to reach its full potential of 174mph.
Price: The RS5 will cost 58,725 in its basic form.
Available from:UK deliveries will start in April.


The changes that Audi has made have been predictable, yet effective. Freshening up the RS5s good looks has kept it competitive, and if the changes havent moved it any closer to the dreaded M3 they havent moved it any further away either.
We still think that its a strong contender in its class and would make a great multi-role, family sporting saloon – but predict that the experts will rue the return of that flat-bottomed steering wheel!
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