2012 SEAT Ibiza Facelift – What’s Different?

The Ibiza is one of SEATs best-selling cars with over half-a-million sold since 2008 and the changes announced today should keep it that way for a few years yet.
The key to the success of the Ibiza aside from sound engineering and great dynamic ability is that there is such a huge range of models to choose from; three or five-door, petrol or diesel, hatchback or estate, theres something for everyone!


A new corporate SEAT trapezoidal grille and redesigned front and rear bumpers give the illusion of a wider, lower stance making the Ibiza look much more sporty.
SEAT Ibiza 5 Door 2012

2012 SEAT Ibiza 5-Door

The headlamps have had some attention paid to them too; they seem to glower at you know in a more aggresive way and are available as halogen or bi-xenon with LED running lights.
2012 SEAT Ibiza back

2012 SEAT Ibiza 5-Door


The interior is expressive but minimalist apparently; but there haven’t been any photos released yet.
The Ibizas interior has always been a nice place to be, with one reviewer saying that the interior of the out-going model could be mistaken for that of an Audi! What we’ve been told is that there’s a new instrument binnacle and a 10.7-litre glove box, making the Ibiza even more practical.
The existing trim levels from cloth to leather will remain.The biggest change is the installation of the SEAT Portable Media System with touch screen monitor combining sat-nav, an on-board computer, audio system and hands-free device – and it can be removed for use on-the-go too.
SEAT Ibiza SC 2012

2012 SEAT Ibiza SC


There have been no significant changes to the engine line up, but they have been made marginally more efficient. So youve got the same wide choice of petrol engines ranging from an economical 1.2-litre all the way to the range-topping 1.4 TSI that is both supercharged and turbocharged!
The range of diesel engines is equally broad and includes the super-efficient 1.2 TDI Ecomotive version that sips fuel at the rate of around 80mpg.
2012 SEAT Ibiza ST

2012 SEAT Ibiza ST

Worth knowing

The Ibiza has always been wonderful to drive and the changes to the electronic control of the chassis that have been announced should make it even better.
UK prices havent been announced yet.

A replacement to the existing Cupra is expected in late 2012.

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