Mazda CX-4 price, specs and release date

June 02, 2016 by

Leaked images show the new Mazda CX-4 ahead of its launch at the Bejing Auto Show. Read on for all we know so far about this new crossover…

Photos have emerged of the new Mazda CX-4 ahead of its official launch at the Bejing Auto Show. Images from the Chinese website Netease show the car at a private launch event and photoshoot. This new Mazda will be based on the same platform as the CX-5 but will feature a coupe-styled body, in the same vein as the BMW X4.

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New Mazda CX-4 styling

The CX-4’s design was previewed by the Mazda ‘Koeru’ at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show last September. Since then, a plethora of spy shots have revealed that Mazda has stayed true to what was a very well received concept car. The CX-4 is based on the same platform as the larger CX-5 but it promises to be both lower and sleeker.

Mazda’s designers have included many typical off-road design cues in the CX-4. Chunky black wheel arches and a tall front grille ensure it looks strong and imposing but the stylish roofline, accentuated by a tapered chrome strip around the side windows gives the CX-4 a sportier character than either the CX-5 or CX-3.

We expect the CX-4’s interior to be very similar to the CX-5, shown here…

New Mazda CX-4 interior

It’s unlikely that the CX-4’s interior design will differ much than the recently face-lifted CX-5 – this means prospective buyers can expect a stylish cabin with a mixture of soft-and-hard touch plastics. It’s not the most modern of interiors, but it should be well equipped and well thought-out – Mazda’s iDrive-inspired infotainment system is a pleasure to use.

In terms of cabin space, we expect that the lowered roofline to impact on both headroom and luggage space. The CX-5 boasts an impressive 503-litre boot but the CX-4 is likely to offer a little less. One area that might take a significant hit, however, is visibility – the large rear pillars, small rear window and sloping roof might make some parking manoeuvres a struggle.

New Mazda CX-4 driving and engines

Mazda makes some of the best handling vehicles on the market and we expect the CX-4 to continue this tradition, especially considering it has to live up to considerably sportier styling than its CX-3 and CX-5 siblings. The CX-5 is already one of the best handling crossovers on sale, and the lower roofline and likely suspension tweaks should make the CX-4 feel a little more like a large hot hatch than a high-riding SUV.

It’s likely that Mazda will carry across the engine line-up from the CX-5. A pair of 2.2-litre diesel engines offering either 148 or 173hp, and a 2.0-litre petrol engine with 163hp should all be available. This range of engines promises both impressive fuel economy and decent performance.

Buyers after a four-wheel-drive model will likely have to choose the most powerful diesel engine and it’s possible that Mazda could offer its newly developed 2.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine with either 227 or 250hp in a flagship performance model.

New Mazda CX-4 price

Given its more sporty image and sleeker styling, we expect the CX-4 to cost slightly more than the CX-5 – approximately £25,000 for an entry level model, rising to about £35,000 for top-spec versions. The CX-4 will face few competitors at this price-point but all models should come with Mazda’s typically high level of standard equipment.

New Mazda CX-4 release date

We expect Mazda to officially reveal the CX-4 at the 2016 Bejing Auto Show in July. Sales should start before the end of this year, so those desperate to get behind the wheel of this sleek SUV shouldn’t have to wait too long.

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