Porsche Taycan spotted in the snow

Russell Campbell
February 12, 2019

The new Porsche Taycan electric car – the Stuttgart-based company’s Tesla Model S beater – has been spotted winter testing.

The pictures of the new Taycan in Scandinavia indicate the advanced stage of the car’s development – you can expect to see it at this year’s Frankfurt motor show in September. The close-to-finished car looks remarkably similar to the Porsche Mission E concept car which was seen at the same show in 2015.

Looking like a more muscular Porsche Panamera with a cleaner nose and pronounced rear wheel arches, the big give away that the Tayacan is like no other Porsche we have seen before is that this car is plugged to an electric charger – not a fuel pump. Thanks to its compact electric motors and batteries that live under the floor, the Taycan has a ground-hugging nose that looks lower than a Panamera’s – giving you a widescreen view of the road ahead.

Unlike the Mission E, the Taycan gets conventional rear doors that look more conservative, but don’t offer the same excellent rear seat access while the only other things of note are the large chrome gills behind the front wheels and the characteristically huge brake callipers hidden behind the car’s alloy wheels. The back meanwhile, is most notable for its fake exhaust pipes and the busyness below the rear window that seems to indicate that the Taycan will have an elaborate spoiler – like the one in the Panamera – that rises up and extends out at speed.

And you’ll be wanting all the downforce and grip you can get in corners because – with the Taycan’s reported 600hp, four-wheel drive and 3.5 second 0-62mph time – you’ll be hurtling up, through and out of them at an alarming rate.

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