Volkswagen ID. Crozz SUV: Price, specs and release date

Russell Campbell
September 24, 2019

The Volkswagen ID. Crozz has been spotted in development testing. Here are the latest pics and everything you need to know about the second car in VW’s all-electric ID lineup.

  • Specs include

    340-mile range and augmented-reality HUD

  • Price

    est. from £40,000

  • Release date


Volkswagen ID. Crozz latest pictures

The dust has barely settled on the launch of the Volkswagen ID.3 and already the launch of a second electric VW draws close – it’s called the ID. Crozz and is likely to go on sale next year.

This is the latest sighting (there have been numerous) of Volkswagen’s new electric car that’s expected to be called the ID.4 when it’s revealed in the next few months. The car will be offered in two body shapes either as a coupe-style SUV or as a more traditional boxy SUV. 

The latest pics show the car testing in the Austrian Alps, its steep descents proving to be an ideal place to test a car’s brakes and, presumably, in the case of the electric ID.Crozz, its battery regeneration systems.

The only other things these pictures reveal are what look like likely-to-be-production-ready alloy wheels that have the same aerodynamic design as the ones fitted to the ID.3, which are designed to help increase efficiency.   

Volkswagen ID. Crozz SUV price and release date

The Volkswagen ID. Crozz will use much of the £30,000 ID.3’s technology but it’ll be a larger and potentially more complex car, so you can expect it to cost at least £40,000. You’ll likely be able to choose from a range of battery capacities and from models with two- or four-wheel drive, so that price could rise above £50,000 for a high-specification model.

The ID Crozz is expected to go on sale in the middle of next year.

Volkswagen ID. Crozz SUV concept styling 

The Crozz was first shown in concept car form at the Shanghai motor show in 2017 and the prototypes recently spotted by our photographers look to stay faithful to the original design. 

Up front, you can expect the car to have a flush-fitting grille and matrix LED headlights that are joined by an LED strip that runs across the front of the car. That large windscreen will give you great visibility out the front of the car, but the reason it’s so large is actually to accommodate the augmented-reality head up-display that’s set to be a standout feature of VW’s electric cars

Like on the ID.3, the Crozz’s headlights wrap around to the car sides morphing into a body crease that flows right back to the taillights. Unfortunately, the cool rear-facing cameras that feature on the concept have been dropped for a pair of conventional wing mirrors. 

And the rear of the car is pretty conventional too. You get LED taillights, a boot-mounted spoiler to reduce drag and improve range, and a large opening that will make loading the boot easy.

Volkswagen ID. Crozz SUV interior

The Crozz will get a high-tech cabin to match its complex internals. It’s set to get the same augmented-reality head-up display as will be fitted to the ID.3. 

This projects information onto the windscreen, displaying things like sat-nav directions and speed. But that’s nothing new. What is new is that it will be able to interact with your surroundings, highlighting speed limits and pointing out places of interest as you (electrically) motor along. 

The other side of the infotainment will be more conventional, taking the form of a centrally mounted touchscreen and sat-nav system. It’ll likely have an embedded sim card, allowing it to offer connected services such as live traffic updates, parking availability and fuel prices. 

The Volkswagen ID. Crozz might be the car for you if you have older kids who need more rear-seat space or you just want a car with a bigger boot. 

In fact, even four tall adults should have loads of room in the SUV. Its small electric motors and neat battery packs that live under the floor are easier to package than a conventional car’s engine and gearbox – allowing VW to eke out more space than you’d usually get from a car this size. 

That will be felt most in the centre of the car, where the lack of a transmission tunnel will give more hip and elbow room for a front-seat passenger and give you more space for a fifth passenger in the middle of the back seat. 

The room in the boot should be more conventional despite there being an electric motor hidden under the floor. You can expect the Crozz to have no issues swallowing a couple of large suitcases. Need more space? Then you can expect the back seats to fold flat into the floor making it easy to slide in heavy and bulky luggage.

The ID. Crozzs first appearance, as a concept car in 2017

Volkswagen ID. Crozz SUV specifications

Volkswagen is likely to offer the Crozz with the same choice of batteries as is offered in the ID.3 with 48, 55 and 63kWh capacities giving the car a range of about 205, 260 and 340 miles. 

Volkswagen will also likely offer the Crozz with the same warranty as will come standard on the ID.3, which guarantees the battery will maintain 70% capacity after eight years and 100,000 miles. 

Using an 11kWh home charger, you’ll be able to give your ID. Crozz a full charge overnight, something VW reckons owners will do 70% of the time. Need a quick boost in power? Then you’ll be able to use a public 125kWh charger, which will be capable of charging the battery from zero to 80% in just 35 minutes. 

The Crozz SUV is a close relative of the Volkswagen ID.3 electric car, pictured here

What marks the Crozz out from the ID.3, though, is that it’ll likely be offered with four-wheel drive, with the front and back wheels getting their own dedicated motor. That’ll make the car capable of tackling tricky off-road conditions, but will also make it feel more surefooted on slippery roads. 

With electric motors driving the wheels directly, electric four-wheel-drive systems can react quicker than the mechanical systems in conventional SUVs, and they can also be set up to offer a variety of different driving characteristics. So you can drastically change the way the car feels at the flick of a switch. 

That all being said, the Crozz will also likely be offered with rear-wheel drive only. It’ll be best suited for town driving because, with no motors to get in the way of the front wheels’ turning diameter, it can be extremely manoeuvrable. The Crozz’s instant acceleration will make it ideal for the cut and thrust of inner-city traffic and, because it has no gearbox, you can drive it like an automatic, with no clutch pedal to operate. 

Factor in the near-silent running of the electric motor(s) and the Crozz should have conventional cars licked when it comes to comfort.

It’ll also be an excellent car to drive on long trips because, well, you won’t actually need to do much driving. That’s because you can expect the Crozz to come as standard with a suite of autonomous driving aids such as lane assist and active cruise control that will mean it can steer in a lane for you, and operate the brakes and accelerator all by itself.

Volkswagen ID. Crozz SUV name

For now, VW is calling its electric SUV the ID. Crozz. Thankfully, the production car is likely to be called the ID.4, positioning it above the ID.3 in VW’s all-electric range. 

For all the latest news on the ID Crozz, keep your eyes peeled to the carwow news pages.