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Audi SQ7 Performance

RRP from
37.2 - 39.2
0-60 mph in
4.9 secs
First year road tax
£1,240 - £1,760

It’s hard to believe just how fast the SQ7 is, given how big and how heavy it is, but you’ll need to restrain yourself to get anywhere close to the claimed fuel economy

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Performance and Economy

The current Q7 is a fair amount lighter than the old one, but at 2,330kg the SQ7 doesn’t sound exactly featherweight. Still, that’s nothing the 4.0-litre tri-turbocharged V8 diesel engine that lives under the SQ7’s bonnet can’t fix. It produces 435hp – and it’s a real monster out on the road. It has around 100hp less than the BMW X5M, but the more impressive figure is the torque. Thanks to a very advanced air compression system, the Audi produces a whopping 664lb ft of torque at 1,000rpm – that’s barely above idle.

The SQ7 charges forward like an angry rhino

Mat Watson
carwow expert

This means that from the moment you press the accelerator the SQ7 pins you to the seat with a force that doesn’t diminish even the slightest as speed builds up in an alarming way. The SQ7 hits 62mph from rest in 4.9 seconds but, despite its power, it can average 31.8mpg if driven carefully. The X5M does the same benchmark quicker at 4.2 seconds, but you’d struggle to get more than 15mpg out of it.


To combat the laws of physics the SQ7 is fitted with something called an active roll bar. This means that, when needed, the electric system can stiffen up the whole car and the results are nothing short of impressive.

The SQ7 has a huge amount of grip in corners and very little body roll – it certainly doesn’t handle like a two-tonne car when you get to a set of corners. There’s also a small speaker mounted in the rear, next to the exhaust, which improves the diesel sound immensely. Have a look at the video below to hear for yourself.