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Cheapest new cars on sale

Costing many thousands of pounds, cars are often the second-largest purchase people make. However, just because they’ll need more than a week’s pocket money doesn’t mean they need to completely blow the bank. Some very competent cars can be had for not much more money than a family holiday.

Here are the cheapest new cars on sale in the UK:

Cheapest cars on sale
Model RRP average carwow saving
Dacia Sandero £5,995 £200
Dacia Logan MCV £6,995 £200
Suzuki Celerio £6,999 £600
Nissan Micra £7,995 £1,600
Skoda Citigo £8,495 £900
Citroen C1 £8,715 £1,700
Peugeot 108 £8,715 £1,700
VW Up £8,995 £1,300
Toyota Aygo £9,135 £1,300
Fiat Panda £9,245 £1,900

1. Dacia Sandero – £5,995

Dacia has cemented its position as the UK’s foremost budget car brand since its arrival with the Sandero – the cheapest new car on sale in the UK. That low price hasn’t come at the expense of function, however – based on the previous Renault Clio’s platform, all the Sandero’s components are tried and tested so you should have few ownership headaches. Basic models really live up to their billing – they only come in white paint with unpainted bumpers and don’t even feature a stereo as standard.

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2. Dacia Logan MCV – £6,995

The Dacia Logan MCV is essentially an estate version of the Sandero that tops this list. This means you get all the proven parts from the Renault stable but with even more practicality from its 573-litre boot. Again, you’ll be wanting for kit if you pick the very cheapest model but the next trim up gets essentials including remote central locking and a stereo.

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3. Suzuki Celerio – £6,999

The Suzuki Celerio might have an odd name but don’t let that put you off – this little car offers practicality that belies its small footprint. Thanks to a high roofline compared to some city cars, the Celerio has enough headroom to allow fully grown adults to sit comfortably in the back. What’s more, Suzuki has imbued the car with the same fun handling that features on the larger Swift supermini.

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4. Nissan Micra – £7,995

The Nissan Micra offers supermini size for city car money. This generation is about to be replaced with a new Micra but dealers are still offering good savings on remaining stock of the outgoing version. Compared to its rivals, the Micra struggles to match the refinement or sense of fun or quality found in rivals but its significantly lower price speaks for itself.

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5. Skoda Citigo – £8,495

Skoda’s Citigo is the cheapest of three models built on the VW Up’s platform. By ditching a few of the posher materials found on VW and SEAT versions, the Citigo ends up the cheapest of the three. It keeps the platform’s best features, however, including practicality that rivals some much larger cars, a fun-yet-relaxing driving experience and a smooth three-cylinder petrol engine ideally suited to nipping through city streets.

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6. Citroen C1 – £8,715

Similar to the Citigo, the Citroen C1 is the first of three cars sharing a platform with the other two coming from Peugeot and Toyota. It also features a surprisingly sizeable cabin compared to its exterior size and peppy petrol engines best suited to city driving. Entry-level cars are pretty basic – they don’t even come with a rev-counter as standard.

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7. Peugeot 108 – £8,715

The Peugeot 108 is essentially a rebadged Citroen C1 – evident from its near identical silhouette. As a result, the same blend of a relatively spacious cabin and a city-friendly driving experience features here. In fact, with the same RRP, your choice between this and the C1 boils down simply to which you prefer the look of.

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8. VW Up – £8,995

The VW Up shares the Citigo’s chassis but, with a posher badge on the bonnet, focusses on offering a slightly more upmarket experience. This means you get the same immense-for-the-size practicality and great all round driving experience but trimmed with better quality materials and with more optional extras on the spec sheet.

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9. Toyota Aygo – £9,135

The Toyota Aygo is the third platform mate of the Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1 but, thanks to slightly better standard equipment, it costs a little more. That said, it’s still a very reasonably priced car and has all the positive features of its brethren including a stable, easy driving experience and enough room for four adults to sit in reasonable comfort.

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10. Fiat Panda – £9,245

It might not get the same love and affection as the 500, but the platform-sharing Fiat Panda offers much the same equipment and driving experience in a more practical body. Its boxy dimensions and tall roof mean it’s surprisingly good at carrying passengers while the unusual ‘squircle’ styling inside and out helps the cabin feel a little more interesting than some budget rivals.

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