Ford Fiesta colours guide and prices

Ford’s ever-popular Fiesta is perpetually Britain’s best-selling car, outselling its nearest rival – the Ford Focus – by 40 per cent and nearly 45 per cent more popular than the next class competitor, the Vauxhall Corsa.

Read on to see the Fiesta’s colour range along with a description and their prices. Put the Ford Fiesta in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. To learn the differences between solid, metallic and pearl paints, read our paint types guide.

We also have a guide to the speedy Ford Fiesta ST’s colour range.

Solid colours

Race Red (0)

This is a standard colour across all trims of Fiesta, from the entry level Studio to the ST-3 at twice the price and really the everyman choice.

While it’s a reasonably sharp scarlet, the ubiquity means that you may want to tick one of the optional paints instead. When it comes to selling it on, you’ll find it harder to shift a more garish shade but you may get less value from a common colour if buyers can find four more in your street alone…

Blazer Blue (0)

The only other no-cost option on Fiestas and, bad news, you can only specify it in Studio and Style/Style ECOnetic trims – there’s no better way to shout that you bought an entry level model than Blazer Blue.

It’s certainly a more unusual shade than Race Red, but it’s a little uninspiring – a flat navy blue with more than a little hint of the office pool car about it. It’ll provide good camouflage to bugsplatter and road grime though.

Frozen White (250)

Surprisingly, this is the only white option available for the Fiesta, but it is again available for all models as a 250 option. The white offsets the darker patches of the Fiesta’s shape reasonably well, a little moreso on the sporty ST models where it generates a Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper helmet effect. White is pest to keep clean though, but it’s a little more intriguing a colour than basic red and should hold its resale value a little better.

Metallic colours

Panther Black (495)

Almost a signature colour for Fords these days, Panther Black is your traditional Any colour you like… offering. It’s available across the range, but better suited to models such as the Zetec pictured above with small chrome highlights to offset the dark metal. Still, a good deep black colour looks the business if you keep it clean and polished.

Midnight Sky (495)

Though it may look black in isolation, viewed next to the Panther Black car above, Midnight Sky is clearly a more pewtery shade. It’s a pretty individual colour that manages to emphasise the darker areas of the Fiesta’s shape and looks pretty sharp against lighter metal areas too.

It’s not available on either the base Studio spec or the ST models, but well worth a look if you’re getting a midrange car and want something a little different.

Moondust Silver (495)

Just about the commonest Ford colour now since the Mk1 Focus launch campaign, but it makes a good case for itself on this Fiesta. The mercury-like shade brings out the light and dark of all the Fiesta’s styling creases and crinkles, working well with the larger maw of the Zetec S model above – it’s also unavailable on the Studio and ST models. While a bland choice for a mile-munching repmobile, the silvery Fiesta is pretty sharp.

Hot Mustard (495)

It takes a brave man to specify a small hatchback in yellow and Hot Mustard is going to be a very divisive colour – not least because it’s not quite yellow enough. Although it’s not quite as muddy as the Ford car configurator image would suggest, it’s distinctly a yellow hue cut with some green – a kind of mustard/wasabi mix. Regardless, it doesn’t wholly suit the car as some details are lost in the retina-wrenching terror, while shutlines and trim pieces like the tow hook eye cover become more obvious.

Fortunately it’s only available on the Zetec and Titanium trims and their derivatives.

Fashionista (495)

Sadly the trend for brown on cars isn’t going away any time soon and Ford has given the Fiesta the treatment too. The almost golden-brown nature means the little car isn’t so swamped by a light-absorbing chocolate shade, but it’s not flattering even before the obvious jokes start.

The entry level Studio and the sportier Zetec S are exempted from this ignominy, along with the ST models.

Copper Pulse (495)

It may be ourinner steampunk talking, but this is the pick of the bunch. The lovely, rich cuprous lustre, especially when applied to the Zetec S model shown, brings out every detail of the car as if it were bare metal. If Ford offered the Fiesta in gunmetal too we’dgo mad trying to choose between them…

Like Hot Mustard, this is only available on Zetec and Titanium model variations.

Deep Impact (495)

A much richer, royal blue than its no-cost counterpart, available across the range except for the Studio and ST (which gets its own blue instead). As with some of the other darker colours, Deep Impact needs some of the chrome effect trim on offer in models like the illustrated Titanium X, to break up the transition from body colour to black plastic, but it’s assuredly a much snappier blue and should do well when it comes time to part with your car.

Special colours

Hot Magenta (725)

If you want a colour that will retain its value, the colour the manufacturer uses to advertise it is the key and Hot Magenta is the choice here. It’s actually slightly darker than the pinky-tinged car configurator image here, but it’s a good bold choice that isn’t too bright, too dark or too saturated for the shape – it’s easy to see why it’s a premium option.

Candy Blue (725)

This brighter Candy Blue doesn’t particularly do the Fiesta any favours though. The bubblegum colour detracts a little from the styling and on models with chrome accents it can seem a little like a clash of contrasts, so the only car it’s available for that it really suits is the Zetec S as pictured. It’s a pity as the colour would work on the less aggressively styled entry-level models.

What next?

Put the Ford Fiesta in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. For more options, head over to our deals page or, if you’re still struggling to pick your next car, check out our car chooser.

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