Audi A1 & A1 Sportback colours guide & prices

The Audi A1 might be the smallest Audi you can buy at the moment, but it has one of the biggest colour ranges in the brand’s line-up. The same colours are also offered on the five-door Audi A1 Sportback.

Put either the Audi A1 or the Audi A1 Sportback in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. To understand the difference between solid, metallic and special paints, read our car paint types guide.

Solid colours

Shell White (£0)

More creamy than pure white, Shell White looks good on the A1. It’s a great option for those who want their A1s to look classy and a bit more mature than it does in the bolder shades, and white is currently in-vogue…but keeping it clean might be an issue.

Brilliant Black (£0)


The non-metallic Brilliant Black is a no-frills black paint for the A1. If you can keep it clean, it’ll add a real sense of class to the A1, offsetting the chrome trim features nicely. We think its slightly more attractive than Shell White, but if you want a black A1 thats really going to shimmer, metallic Mythos Black might be a better bet.

Metallic colours

Floret Silver (£390)

A very safe choice in our view, Floret Silver is popular colour for the A1 and silver cars usually hold their value well. It’s not too polarising, and the best part is being silver it can hide scratches quite easily. But if you’re buying one of the best-looking superminis on sale, don’t you want to stand out a bit?

Glacier White (£390)


The other shade of white available on the A1 is metallic and looks like a more pure white than the creamy Shell White. If you park your Glacier White A1 next to an Shell White model you’ll immediately notice the difference and probably breathe a sigh of relief that you paid a bit more for this metallic colour. The same shade is also used on the flagship Audi R8, so you can draw at least one comparison with your gleaming city car.

Mythos Black (£390)

If you want your Audi A1 to shimmer, this could very well be the colour of choice. As well as looking pretty, the metallic flakes in the paint will hide small scratches a bit better than on Brilliant Black cars, but dust will be equally visible. More than any other colour, black needs to be kept clean to look its best. Wash the weeks accumulated filth off your Mythos Black A1, however, and you’ll be reminded of its smart looks.

Nano Grey (£390)

A deep gunmetal colour, Nano Grey will be very desirable on the used market meaning you’ll find it easy to sell on. This darker colour is also excellent at hiding the worst road grime so frequent car wash visits won’t be needed.

Scuba Blue (£390)


This deep shade of blue makes the A1 look rather grown up, if a bit demure. It’s a popular choice, and bound to appeal to a lot of buyers, but it doesn’t stand out terribly well on the road. What it is great for is hiding dirt and road grime, and it does sparkle when the sun hits it.

Shiraz Red (£390)

Darker than normal red, Shiraz Red is a beautiful shade that like most other colours works best in the sun. In dim light it can look almost black, but the depth of the colour becomes apparent during the daytime.

Utopia Blue (£390)

Utopia Blue is a deep blue that’s darker than Scuba Blue with more of a grey hint to the finish. It’ll hide road grime for a long time and used buyers will be happy to take it off your hands. It’s not a great choice for extroverts, however.

Pearl effect colours

Misano Red (£390)


Lighter than Shiraz Red and much bolder than SamoaOrange, this paint accentuates the sporty looks of the Audi A1. It is one of the best options available for the car, but if you are looking for proper pearl finish then it might not be the best option, because it looks more like bright red than anything else.

Daytona Grey (£390)


Available exclusively on top-spec S-Line versions (not including SE or Sport trims), Daytona Grey is the second pearlescent paint offered with the Audi A1. Clearly one of the best paint options for the car, it looks very sporty. With the right kind of wheels and an S-line bodykit, this could look better than other colours here.

Audi Exclusive colours

Don’t like the shades you’ve seen so far? Luckily, Audi’s Exclusive range of paint colours means you can specify some truly rare and lurid shades for your A1. It’ll cost at least £1,840 extra, but if you’re going to keep your A1 for a long time and want to put your stamp on it, go ahead. Just don’t expect to get that amount back when you sell it on.

Contrast roof colours

For £350, you can order a contrasting colour for the roof, roof-line and spoiler of your A1. You can paint your roof Glacier White, Brilliant Black or Floret Silver, but the roof colour you pick depends on the body colour. Some colours, such as Scuba Blue, can’t be ordered with a contrasting roof.

What next?

Put either the Audi A1 or the Audi A1 Sportback in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. If you want to read more about the A1 then check out our Audi A1 review or the Audi A1 Sportback review.

Audi A1

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Audi A1 Sportback

Five-door version of the premium A1 hatchback
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