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Audi R8 colours guide and prices

The Audi R8 has the looks, the power and the handling to earn its place among the supercar elite. Buyers aren’t just after huge performance, however – a supercar is a fashion statement and nothing effects the way they look more than the colour choice.

Here’s our guide to the colours available on the Audi R8. All choices are no-cost options which is reassuring on a car this expensive. Audi also allows buyers to specify any colour from its wider catalogue for £2,500, but most buyers will be satisfied by the choices here.

We’ve split the colours below according to their finish types. For more information on solid, metallic or pearlescent paints, read our car paint types guide.

Solid colours

Dynamite red – £0

This is a striking colour and one which suits the Audi R8 well. It won’t be the most popular choice in the range but that just adds to the R8’s exclusivity. You shouldn’t have any problems when selling the vehicle on because supercars with a flamboyant colour scheme are still desirable. It will need to be spotless to keep it looking at its best, however.

Ibis white – £0

The only white in the R8 line-up but, like other Audis, it suits the design well. White is a fashionable colour at the moment so will have a stream of buyers on the used market. White shows up dirt very easily so you’ll need to budget for car washes but, considering it’s a pricey supercar, you probably already have.

Vegas yellow – £0

One of the most outlandish colours available for the R8. Vegas yellow won’t be as easy to sell to the used market as more subtle shades but, considering this is a car to stand out in, it won’t put buyers off as much as lesser yellow cars. Like any bright colour, you need to be prepared to spend the money to keep it clean.

Metallic colours

Camouflage green – £0

If you want to fly under the radar, Camouflage green might be your best option. Unless hit by direct sunlight this colour will appear black for the most part. It won’t be as popular as monochrome colours but used buyers won’t be put off, either. Regular cleaning won’t be required because it hides road grime very well.

Floret silver – £0

Metallic silver is a popular choice so you won’t have many problems when the time comes to sell. It won’t require as much maintenance as white or other light shades but keeping it clean will ensure it looks as good as it can.

Mythos black – £0

If you want your R8 to attract as least attention as possible, Mythos black is the colour for you. It’ll be very popular amongst used buyers so you should find it easy to sell on. Again, it won’t require as much cleaning as brighter cars but black tends to show up swirl marks from careless car washers so don’t cut corners when you get it scrubbed.

Suzuka grey – £0

Similar to Floret grey, Suzuka grey is a slightly lighter shade that suits the car well. Like Ibis white it’ll need cleaning on a regular basis to keep it looking its best and it’ll be a popular choice amongst buyers thanks to its crisp, inoffensive looks.

Tango red – £0

A deeper and richer tone than Dynamite red, Tango red is for individuals who want their car to stand out from the rest of the crowd. It wont be the most popular choice but it shouldn’t send used buyers running. It won’t require cleaning as often as white cars but isn’t as maintenance-free as darker shades.

Crystal and pearl effect colours

Ara blue – £0

A rich blue that’s certainly going to be one of the most popular choices. Its crystal effect finish adds an extra dimension to the paint when the sun shines. It’s not the most outlandish colour here, but it stands out enough to get you noticed. Keep it clean and used buyers will be breaking down your door, figuratively speaking.

Daytona grey – £0

Like Mythos Black, Daytona Grey is a shade for slipping under the radar. Unlike Mythos Black, it won’t need to be washed on as regular a basis because this colour hides road grime well. The pearlescent finish adds another level to the paintwork that makes it appear deeper when the sun shines. It’ll sell easily to the used market, too.

Exterior packages

In addition to the body colour, buyers can select what colour they’d like the R8’s sideblades in. These, too, are a no-cost option making it even easier to get the R8 you’ve always wanted.

Sideblades in metallic Ice silver – £0

Sideblades in Oxygen silver – £0

Sideblades in matt Titanium grey – £0

Sideblades in Kendo grey – £0

Sideblades in metallic Mythos black – £0

What next?

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Audi R8

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