Audi S3 – colour guide and prices

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There are so many ways you can specify a new car: engine choices, body styles and options can all be tailored to suit individual buyers’ tastes. To many though, the most important choice is the colour.

It may surprise many of you to learn that Audi’s S3 comes in colours other than grey and silver. Like most of the Ingolstadt brand’s range, the 296hp, four-wheel drive hot hatch has a subtly aggressive look – making these Teutonic shades very desirable with buyers.

Whichever hue you pick for your S3, we’ve displayed the what’s available below, and how much each will cost you.


Amalfi white (£0)

The S3 is offered with three standard paint finishes, and this white is a popular choice. Very much in fashion after long being regarded as the budget option, white shows off the solid, simple lines of the S3 well. It’ll be a nightmare to keep clean though…

Brilliant Black (£0)

Not only does it look smart on any car, but black is a sensible colour to choose from a financial point of view too. Very few people actively dislike it, so for that reason it will keep your car desirable on the used market.

Brilliant red (£0)

As equally “Brilliant” as the flat black is this red finish. Some people like their sporty car to stand out a little, and this solid scarlet shade certainly helps. It’s a no-cost option too, so what’s not to like?


Beluga Brown (£525)

For the first time since the 1970s, brown is a car colour that is very much in vogue. It’s certainly an acquired taste among buyers, but it’s a dark, subtle shade that suits the understated class of the S3 very well. You won’t find a better colour to hide that dirt either!

Floret Silver (£525)

Very common throughout the Audi range and with good reason too – it looks bright and modern, and will be a safe option when it comes to selling on.

Glacier White (£525)

As you’d hope for the elevated price over Amalfi White, the metallic flake in Glacier White really makes the car stand out – particularly on a bright, sunny day. Make sure you buy plenty of polish to make the most of it.

Monsoon Grey (£525)

As with the silver, a very popular choice, but the darker shade lends the S3 a slightly more moody appearance. Still very subtle, so you’ll be able to surprise many if you choose to unleash the potential of that 2.0-litre turbo engine…

Mythos Black (£525)

A simple, metallic black. Mythos looks just a little more special than the no-cost solid black, and will be easy to sell. Be aware, as with most cost options, you probably won’t recover the extra outlay when you come to sell the car.


Daytona Grey (£525)

Pearl-effect paint jobs contain a special finish that disperse the light that hits it – giving what, in this case, appears to be a slightly staid grey a real sparkle when the sun hits it. Daytona grey costs exactly the same as the regular metallic finishes, so it’s hard to argue against it.

Misano Red (£525)

Misano Red appears in much of Audi’s press material, and it really looks great when it is set off by the silver wing mirrors and trim. Looks very classy without being too obnoxious. Be sure you prefer it to Brilliant Red when choosing your options, though – you could save yourself £525!

Sepang Blue (£525)

Along with Misano Red, Sepang Blue is Audi’s colour of choice for many of their S models. Sepang Blue really does look fantastic on the S3 – striking a brilliant balance between a premium feel and the sort of “look at me!” shade that suits the character of a hot hatch perfectly.


Panther Black (£775)

A paint finish that from a distance looks like any other black – and therefore hard to justify the extra cost. Up close however, it has a very eye catching finish, with a flake in the paint which appears to change depending on the angle you look at it. It’s very difficult to do it justice without seeing it in the flesh but, to many, the extra cost will be justified.


Black Styling package (£395)

For those looking to add that extra dose of aggression, for just under four hundred pounds buyers can choose to have the chrome grille and window surrounds replaced with black trim. It looks especially menacing when paired with any of the darker body colours.

Audi Exclusive Paint (£2,025)

Beyond the usual range of colours, Audi offers the opportunity to colour your car in an huge range of special finishes. The list includes any colour from Audi’s range and, to a certain extent, they will even mix a unique colour of your own choosing. For those who really wish to make their S3 unique, this service comes at a price. At more than two grand, make sure you’re certain you’ll like it before signing everything off…

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