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carwow’s Best New Convertible Car 2012 – The Mazda MX-5

Mazdas MX-5 is the definitive affordable sports car, reinvigorating the genre and proving that convertibles dont have to leak, squeak, and break down This is why were so pleased to be able to name the MX-5 as the carwow Convertible Car Of The Year for 2012.
Mazda has sold millions of MX-5s since they released the original MX5 back in 1989 and they have kept it modern and honest ever since. Its nimble chassis and lively handling make every journey special and there is, of course, the option of doing it all with the roof lowered, adding a third dimension to your driving.
More MX-5s have been sold than any other sports car, and keeping the brand fresh whilst continuing to meet to rising expectations of each new generation is an astonishing feat – and few car manufacturers have done it better than Mazda with the MX-5. Each new model retains the DNA of the previous one yet is vastly superior in every way, whilst still feeling familiar and accessible.
The rear-drive chassis, reliable mechanicals, and sensible power outputs mean that your MX-5 will drive as well in twenty years time as it does new, which helps to explain the strong residual values and constant demand for them both new and second-hand; this is a sports car that you can buy with your head and your heart.
This is a sports car that excels at everything it does and doesnt demand any compromises from the owner; it can be used for commuting or long-distance travel, track-days or taking your mum to church and every journey will be fun. The magic of the MX-5 is that it gives maximum enjoyment for minimum cost and no car is more fun to drive at sane and legal speeds.
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