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Fiat 124 Spider colours guide and prices

March 07, 2016 by

The Fiat 124 Spider is a roadster that promises a fun driving experience and breezy top-down motoring without breaking the bank. If you’re buying one, you’ll need to choose its paint colour, bearing in mind how easy it’ll be to sell on and how often you’ll have to clean it.

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Solid finishes

Solid white – £0

White cars are very popular with buyers which means we wouldn’t expect a lengthy delay when you come to sell it to the used market. White shows up road grime almost instantly, however, so budget for plenty of trips to the car wash.

Passione red – £350

Red is always going to be a popular colour on an Italian sports car, so you won’t have a problem when you come to get rid of it. It’ll be a lot easier to keep clean than white, too, and certainly suits the 124’s sporty looks. It’s also marginally cheaper than the metallic paint options below.

Metallic finishes

Metallic silver – £550

Silver is another safe and popular choice that will guarantee it’ll be easy to sell on in the future. As a lighter shade, expect dirt to show up fairly quickly so plenty of washing will be needed.

Metallic grey – £550

If you’re after a stealthy look for your Fiat, look no further than this grey shade. It looks great and will be easy to sell to used buyers. It’ll hide road dirt well, too – handy if you intend to take the backroads home.

Metallic blue – £550

Perhaps unsurprisingly we’re big fans of blue, and this bold, cheerful shade of blue helps the 124 Spider stand out on the road, making it a better choice for extroverts. Being a lighter finish, it might take a little longer to sell on and will require more cleaning than a darker colour.

Metallic black – £550

Black is another universally popular colour choice and, on the 124 Spider, it gives the car a more upmarket appearance meaning used buyers will flock to it. Be aware that, unlike many darker colours, black is a pain to keep clean and cheap car washes can leave swirl marks in their wake.

Metallic bronze – £550

This unusual hue is a variant on traditional brown, and gives the Fiat a distinctive look. As a slightly more unusual colour, you might find it takes a little longer to resell than a more conventional shade. This colour isn’t dissimilar to built up road grime so frequent cleaning won’t be needed.


Tri-coat white – £750

Fiat offers two different white shades on the 124 Spider, and although most buyers will probably end up choosing the solid shade, at least this shade differentiates itself as a more expensive choice. There are three layers of paint on this type of paint, giving more of a sheen in intense sunlight – although it’s probably worth booking that roadtrip to the south of France just to check it out…

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