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Fiat 500X colours guide and prices

March 30, 2016 by

The Fiat 500X is a compact crossover that takes the cutesy looks of the 500 hatchback and adds a much needed dose of practicality. Customers get two versions to choose from – the subtle ‘City Look’ or the more rugged ‘Off-road Look’ models.

We’ve put together a colours guide, complete with prices and pictures, to help you choose the perfect shade for your new car. City Look in entry-level ‘Pop’ trim misses out on some metallic, pastel and special colour options.

If this sounds like the perfect car for you, check out our Fiat 500X configurator to see how much you could save on a new car. To understand the difference between metallic, solid and special paints, our car paint types guide is here to help.

Solid colours

Passione Red – £0

Manufacturers typically offer white as a no-cost option, but Fiat has chosen to offer this deep Passione Red hue, instead. Red is a fairly popular colour with second hand car buyers so you should be able to sell a 500X in this shade reasonably quickly. Red paint should do an average job of hiding dirt but will need cleaning sooner than a darker colour.

Pastel colours

Ice White – £350

White cars are popular with both new and used car buyers so you shouldn’t have any trouble selling your 500X in the future. White paintwork is very high-maintenance, however, so you’ll have to make regular trips to the car wash to keep it looking its best.

Art Grey – £350

Art Grey is a very light shade so won’t hide dirt well – if you regularly travel long distances, other colours will be more suitable. It’s an attractive shade, however, and compliments the 500X’s curvaceous styling so should prove fairly popular among second hand buyers. This colour is not available on entry-level City Look ‘Pop’ trim.

Cinema Black – £350

This black pastel hue won’t shimmer like a metallic finish would, but it should be just as popular when the time comes to sell your car. Black cars require nearly constant attention to keep them looking their best, so be prepared for regular trips to the car wash.

Metallic colours

Toscana Green – £500

Toscana Green is a dark colour so should hide road grime for a relatively long time – ideal if you do lots of motorway miles. It suits the car’s lines well and should prove quite popular on the second hand market. This colour is not available on entry-level City Look ‘Pop’ trim.

Argento Grey – £500

Argento Grey is a pale silvery shade that should make selling your car a breeze. Other colours will keep your car looking cleaner for longer, however, so be prepared for plenty of car washes.

Magnetic Bronze – £500

Magnetic Bronze paintwork should help conceal everyday road grime well. Like many dark shades, it should prove easy to sell when you’re ready to replace your 500X. This colour is not available on entry-level City Look ‘Pop’ trim.

Fashion Grey – £500

Fashion Grey is likely to be a popular choice for many buyers – it’ll shimmer well when clean, yet hide nasty road grime convincingly. Being a neutral, metallic hue means you can expect a trouble-free experience when you sell it on.

Venezia Blue – £500

Venezia Blue gives the 500X an elegant look that should be fairly popular among second hand buyers. It’s quite a dark shade so it should hide road dirt reasonably well. This colour is not available on entry level City Look ‘Pop’ trim.

Tri-coat colours

Amalfi Yellow – £1,000

Amalfi Yellow could be a great choice if you’re aiming to stand out from the crowd. It’s an expensive paint option, however, so you’re unlikely to see a return on this investment when you’re ready to sell your car. Yellow paintwork doesn’t hide dirt well and this shade is not available on entry-level City Look ‘Pop’ trim.

Amore Red – £1,000

Amore Red is a more vibrant shade than the no-cost red option but you’re unlikely to recoup its sizeable cost when you sell your car. While it isn’t terrible at keeping the dirt at bay, red paintwork will still need regular cleaning to keep it looking its best. This colour is not available on entry-level City Look ‘Pop’ trim.

Special colours

Matt Magnetic Bronze – £1,075

This matt finish bronze costs twice as much as the standard metallic bronze finish. It’s a dark shade so should conceal dirt well but, having splashed out on a special finish, you could be tempted into regular car wash trips regardless. It might not be to everyone’s taste so finding a used buyer could take longer than some more traditional colours. It isn’t available on entry-level City Look ‘Pop’ trim.

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