Hyundai ix35 colours guide and prices

March 13, 2015 by

Hyundai’s ix35 isn’t the freshest face in the world of SUV crossovers but it’s still popular thanks to a reasonable starting price, practical cabin and its five-year warranty. Discounts will be getting bigger and bigger as it approaches the end of its life so now may be the perfect time to invest in one. But which colour to get it in?

Choosing the right shade for your car is one of the most important decisions you can make about it. The wrong colour will be a nightmare to sell on once you’re done with it and you’ll have spent every waking weekend beforehand cleaning it. The right colour choice will always look good and be easy to sell on come resale time.

Take a look at our paint types guide to demystify the differences between solid, metallic and pearlescent paints.

Solid colours

The most basic type of paint and, as a result, often the cheapest. Solid colours tend to only appear as one shade regardless of where you’re standing or how the light hits it.

Creamy White – £0

The basic colour option that’s available across the ix35 range. Luckily enough, white is really popular right now so, if it’s your cup of tea, this shade will save you money and look fashionable. Like all lighter colours, it’ll pick up road grime like you won’t believe but at least it’ll sell fairly easily come resale time.

Metallic colours

Metallic hues have tiny flecks of metal embedded in the paint. These flecks catch the light at different angles depending on where you’re viewing them from. As a result, metallic colours look much deeper than solid ones and are more desirable because of it.

Blueberry Blue – £560

Only available on mid-range SE and up, this shade of blue is a safe bet for anyone with one eye on resale values. It’ll hide some of the worst road grime and its generally inoffensive hue will prove popular with buyers on the used market. For those bored by the monochrome colour range, this might be the perfect choice.

Sleek Silver – £560

The second colour available across the entire ix35 range is another safe bet for buyers. Silver is an enduringly popular colour and will walk off the used car forecourt so buyers can be sure they’ll have no problems selling it on. It’ll show up road grime quite badly so make sure you budget for trips to the car wash.

Steel Grey – £560

Available on SE and up, Steel Grey is another colour buyers can be confident won’t have fallen out of fashion by the time they come to sell it. Darker greys, such as this, can cover lots of muck and grime until they need cleaning and will sell easily on the used market so this may be one of the most hassle-free colours you could choose for your ix35.

Ice Blue – £560

One of the few colours in the ix35’s catalogue that’ll suit the more extrovert among you. This bright blue (the same shown in the image at the top of this article) is a very attractive shade and is available on SE and up. It won’t sell as easily as the darker colours, nor will it stay as clean as easily, but it stands out like nothing else.

Pearlescent colours

Like metallic colours, pearlescent ones have small elements embedded in the paint but, unlike metallic finishes, these elements are small coloured crystals. Not only do they reflect the light but they also refract it to create new colours depending on how you view it.

Phantom Black – £560

This rich shade of black is the only other colour available across all ix35 trim levels. For some buyers, a black car is essential so you can be confident the used car salesman will be begging to take it off your hands. It’ll cover most of the worst road muck but make sure you don’t scrimp on car washes – black can show up swirls from wayward sponges.

Cashmere – £560

One seventies throw-back that’s actually come back into fashion is brown paint. Brown cars offer an alternative to the usual monochrome range of choices while still being dark and relatively understated. Available on SE and up, it’ll cover dirt with the best of them but might not be quite so easy to sell – don’t expect to recover the £560 you spent on it.

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