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Land Rover Discovery colours guide and prices

September 16, 2015 by

The Land Rover Discovery hails from one of the most desirable brands currently on the market, meaning the colour you pick can add much to its overall appeal. With 15 different colours to choose from, you’ll need our guide to see what’s available and how much each one costs. Put the Land Rover Discovery in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. Want to know the difference between solid, metallic and special paints? Read our car paint types guide.

Solid colours

Fuji White (£0)

Fuji White is the only solid paint choice for the Land Rover Discovery. Like all white cars, it’ll take lots of cleaning to keep it looking good, especially if you take the car off-road, but used buyers shouldn’t be put off by it.

Metallic colours

Aintree Green (£600)

Aintree Green is effectively British Racing Green in all but name so will certainly find some patriotic fans on the used market. This darker hue will cover most road dirt so frequent car washes shouldn’t be needed.

Loire Blue (£600)

Loire Blue is a dark shade and is an even safer bet on the used market than Aintree Green, above. Again, it won’t need frequent washing to keep it looking good so is a fairly maintenance-free option.

Corris Grey (£600)

Corris Grey won’t make you stand out in a crowd, but few on the used market would be put off by this inoffensive hue. Like most dark colours, it’ll cover road grime for a long time before washing becomes absolutely necessary.

Firenze Red (£600)

Firenze Red is one of the bolder shades offered for the Discovery so won’t be as easy to sell to the used market as a monochrome model. Nevertheless, it’ll stand out from the crowd provided you keep it clean.

Indus Silver (£600)

Indus is a straightforward shade of silver which means that plenty of used buyers will be tempted when you come to resell it. It’s quite a light hue so will show up road grime quickly – make sure you take it to the car wash often.

Kaikoura (£600)

Somewhere between brown, silver and beige, Kaikoura is a modern colour that suits the Discovery well. Road muck won’t rear its head for a long time and used buyers should be fairly tempted by it, if not quite as much as monochrome models.

Scotia Grey (£600)

Sitting between Corris Grey and silver is Scotia Grey. Like other greys, it’ll look classy and understated on the Discovery meaning plenty of used buyers will be happy to pick it. It shouldn’t take too much cleaning to keep it on form.

Montalcino Red (£600)

Montalcino Red is more subdued than Firenze Red and, like that colour, probably won’t be the first picked out at a used car dealership. It’ll take a little more cleaning than the darker monochrome shades here to keep it looking good.

Santorini Black (£600)

Santorini Black has been in the Land Rover palette for some years now and remains a popular choice. Black cars sell very easily on the used market but, beware, cheap car washes can leave swirl marks so don’t cut corners.

Yulong White (£600)

Like Fuji White, you’ll have to put in the elbow grease to keep this car clean – or, at least, know a good car wash. Used buyers love white cars currently so you shouldn’t encounter any issues when you come to sell it.

Premium metallic colours

Barlo Black Premium Metallic (£1,600)

Barlo Black appears to have a hint of brown in it making it look modern and, to some, desirable. It’s a very expensive colour so don’t expect to get your cash back when you resell it. Nevertheless, it should sell easily without needing too much cleaning.

Aruba Premium Metallic (£1,600)

Aruba is a pale gold colour that suits the Discovery well. At such a high price, it’s very unlikely you’ll make your cash back but it’s also unlikely used buyers won’t be taken with this hue. Plenty of car washes will be needed to keep it looking good.

Mariana Black Premium Metallic (£1,600)

Mariana Black is actually a deep blue that will catch many used buyer’s eyes. This darker colour won’t need much cleaning to keep it looking good but don’t expect to recover its high price when you sell it on.

Waitomo Grey Premium Metallic (£1,600)

A pleasing metallic Grey, Waitomo will certainly win some fans on the used market – even if you’re unlikely to make back the cash you spent on it. It’ll cover road grime for quite some time before needing a clean.

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