The best alternatives to the Nissan X-Trail

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The Nissan X-Trail has some impressive stats – it drives fantastically, it’s well-equipped, feels well-made and it’ll carry seven people with room left for luggage. The cheapest X-Trail model is priced at just under £22,000, while a top-of-the-range model will set you back around £32,000.

There are lots of other SUVs to choose from in this price bracket, however, so we’ve compiled a list of worthy alternatives to the X-Trail. Some are five-seaters while others have seven, but there’s something that’ll suit everyone. Remember, our car configurator will find you great savings on any cars in this list, straight from the UK’s top dealers.

Kia Sorento

Just like the X-Trail, the Kia Sorento comes with seven seats as standard. As with all recent Kias, it’s extremely well put together – you’ll notice this as soon as you step inside. The Sorento’s interior is full of soft-touch plastics and all models come with a good level of specification with alloy wheels and cruise control on basic models.

From the outside, it has a more premium appearance than many rivals. At £28,000, the Sorento is great value for money, considering it has a similar appearance to an Audi Q7. The only engine is a 2.2-litre diesel. This isn’t problematic though – it’s a refined unit and returns almost 50mpg – quite impressive considering its four-wheel-drive system and size.

Nissan Qashqai

If seven seats aren’t a priority, the X-Trail’s smaller sibling is well worth a look – the Nissan Qashqai has consistently been a class-leader in all areas. You’ll find the Qashqai’s interior not dissimilar to the well-built and ergonomical X-Trail’s. It’s one of the most practical five-seaters you can buy too, with oodles of passenger space and 430 litres of boot space.

One of the best things about the Qashqai is the driving experience – unlike the longer X-Trail, you’ll find it’s more like a hatchback from behind the wheel, and drives much like a normal car. All engines will give perky performance, but the 1.6-litre diesel combines this with an impressive 60mpg. This means it’s certainly worth consideration if you aren’t in need of a seven-seater.

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Ford Kuga

The Ford Kuga is another five-seater but, if you don’t need the rear-most two, it’s a great performing SUV to consider. The latest versions have an updated four-wheel-drive system that means it’ll cope well when the going gets tough. Attached to the 2.0-litre diesel engine, it’ll still return over 60mpg.

The Kuga’s interior isn’t as impressive – overall quality can’t quite match Nissan’s offerings and the dashboard will take time to get used there’s a myriad of switches placed haphazardly. At £20,995 however, the Kuga is relatively good value for money and worth consideration if you’re on a budget.

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Mitsubishi Outlander

All Mitsubishi Outlanders come with seven seats as standard. On top of the extra seats, you’ll find there’s lots of tech inside too – top models come with sat-nav, cruise control and a lane departure warning system.

Engine-wise, the diesel Outlander will return over 50mpg  – not as frugal as the X-Trail but still impressive for a four-wheel-drive SUV. You’ll find it’ll sit in a lower tax bracket than rivals too. For those that want the most efficiency, the PHEV gives the Outlander a petrol-hybrid platform that should return over 100mpg. You’ll have to do a lot of miles to make up for price increase though.

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Volvo XC60

For those that can’t afford the seven-seat XC90 but want a safe and stylish car, the Volvo XC60 is your answer – you can have one for the same price as a range-topping X-Trail. That said, you’ll find the entry-level XC60 brimming with features – cruise control, Bluetooth and rear parking sensors are all standard.

The diesel engines on offer are the best choice – 2.0-litre will see you get to 60mph in under nine seconds while remaining frugal with up to 62mpg achievable. As you’d expect from Volvo, the XC60 is the safest car in its class with a huge amount of airbags and numerous standard safety systems. As a family car, you’ll be safe in the knowledge you’re one of the safest things on the road.

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Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V has a quirky demeanour and promises to be as reliable and economical as other Hondas. Although there are only five seats, the result is a boot with 589 litres of space – around 50 more than the X-Trail. The passengers have a sumptuous ride and the driver will be treated to a well-laid out dashboard.

The most power comes from the CR-V’s 1.6-litre diesel that produces 160hp, but for similar economy to the Nissan, the 120hp unit will return 64mpg and road tax is minimal at £30 a year. Pound-for-pound, you’ll pay more for a CR-V with similar specification to an X-Trail, but you won’t have the extra seats, nor the premium feel of some other rivals.

Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe was designed to feel premium. It’s no BMW X5, but it’s a lot more lavish than its predecessors. Behind the stylish exterior you’ll find a dashboard awash with soft-touch plastics and, in mid-range SE trim, a touchscreen sat-nav and infotainment system. Even with the seven-seater model, rear-most passengers will be treated to lots of room, although there won’t be as much leftover luggage space as in the Nissan.

The Santa Fe shares a lot with the Kia Sorento and that includes the engine – there’s only one choice, but the 2.2-litre diesel is a great all-rounder and you’ll get the same economy as you would with the Kia Sorento. One thing it doesn’t share is the standard rear seats – if you want a Santa Fe in seven-seat-guise you’ll have to pay around £1,200 extra.

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Mazda CX-5

Mazda deserves more praise than it gets – the firm’s newest cars are all fantastic to drive. The Mazda CX-5 is no exception but, unlike Mazda’s smaller offerings, you’ll get loads of space and an optional four-wheel-drive system. There’s good standard specification, with an infotainment system, cruise control and climate control on all models.

The suspension is designed to make the CX-5 as fun to drive as many smaller cars, with little body roll when you go around corners fast. The diesel versions will achieve well over 50mpg too. A less impressive feature is the optional all-wheel-drive – don’t expect it to be as good off-road as it is on the tarmac.

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Land Rover Discovery Sport

For the ultimate seven-seat SUV, look no further than the Land Rover Discovery Sport. While many of the above cars are good at one particular thing, on paper at least, this has it all – good looks, premium feel, seven seats and real off-road ability. Though much cheaper than the bigger Discovery, the Disco Sport manages to combine premium-family car feel with go-anywhere ability.

Its excellent off-road capability is thanks to the standard four-wheel-drive system that’s not only good for its class, but one of the best on the market. In the Discovery Sport interior, everything is functional and solid, while the prestige Land Rover feel comes across with a touchscreen infotainment system and the use of quality materials throughout. All Discovery Sports will come with seven seats, so you won’t have to pay extra for that convenience either.

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