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Range Rover Evoque and Convertible colours guide and prices

The Range Rover Evoque is a compact premium SUV that competes with the Mercedes GLA and Audi Q3. We’ve put together this colours guide to help you decide what shade to pick. Your colour choice is important – the right one will be easy to sell on and keep clean while the wrong one could take an age to resell and may need regular scrubbing.

If you’re unsure whether to choose a solid, metallic or special paint finish, our car paint types guide explains all the differences. Use our Range Rover Evoque configurator or our Range Rover Evoque Convertible configurator to see how much carwow could help you could save on your new car.

Solid paints

Fuji White – £0

Fuji White is the only solid paint finish available on the Evoque and you’ll probably plenty on the road in this shade. Although white should help the car sell quickly in the used car market, it’ll probably require regular cleaning to look its best.

Metallic paints

Indus Silver – £550

This is the only pure silver shade offered on the Evoque and, because it’s not an especially daring choice, you should be able to find a buyer quickly when the time comes to sell. Silver paint does a fairly poor job of hiding dirt and grime so you’ll need to wash it regularly to keep it looking good.

Corris Grey – £0

Corris Grey is one of several monotone shades available on the Evoque and should prove popular among used car buyers. Unlike the pricey Waitomo shade, Corris Grey is a no-cost option. It should hide dirt and grime well – great for those who plan to regularly travel long distances in their Evoque.

Santorini Black – £0

Santorini Black makes the Evoque look particularly stealthy – especially when paired with tinted rear windows. Keeping it looking good, however, will take a lot of effort – you might find yourself cleaning it regularly. Black cars are always popular among second hand buyers, however.

Loire Blue – £0

The almost regal Loire Blue isn’t quite as flashy as some other shades on offer, but it does stand out from the traditional greys and blacks. It’s subtle enough that it should prove easy to sell on when the time comes and blue paintwork should hide dirt reasonably well.

Aintree Green – £0

This green might not be a monochrome colour, but its darkness means it’ll be popular with used car buyers. The colour’s subtleness also means it’ll hide dirt and grime for long periods between washes.

Kaikora Stone – £0

Although brown paintwork won’t suit every buyer, it shows off the Evoque’s sharp lines surprisingly well. If you plan to regularly take your Evoque off-road, this might be the perfect shade – it’ll do a fantastic job of hiding mud and dirt.

Firenze Red – £0

Red might not be a colour you’d traditionally associate with off-roaders but the Evoque’s sharp looks and fairly compact dimensions are complimented by this fiery shade. Used buyers after an eye-catching Evoque are sure to snap it up quickly but it’ll need regular cleaning to keep it looking its best.

Scotia Grey – £0

Scotia Grey has a hint of green mixed with the underlying grey colour but its deep metallic lustre means second hand buyers are unlikely to be put off. It’s an attractive shade, however, and should do a good job of concealing the dirt and grime of regular motorway miles.

Yulong White – £0

Yulong White is the only metallic white available on the Evoque and should prove highly popular among new and used buyers. It differs from solid Fuji White thanks to hints of silver in the paintwork. Keep it clean and you’ll get plenty of admiring glances.

Baltoro Ice – £0

Baltoro Ice is a blend of white and light blue. It’ll be a pain to keep clean and the blue-ish tinge might not be to everyone’s tastes meaning it could take longer to resell, but it’s a look that’ll certainly stand out from the crowd.

Premium metallic paints

Waitomo Grey – £625

Waitomo Grey is one of only two premium metallic paints on offer and, as a result, commands a reasonably hefty price tag. You can only get this shade on SE, SE Tech and Autobiography models. It’ll be easy to sell on, but we doubt you’ll see a return on your investment.

Phoenix Orange – £625

This bold orange shade is well suited to the more extroverted Evoque owner and is only available on HSE Dynamic and HSE Dynamic LUX models. It’s more ‘out there’ than plenty of other options meaning it could take a little longer to resell and you’re unlikely to see a return on the outlay but exclusivity is almost guaranteed.

Further options

Contrasting roof – £520

If you want to add an extra dimension to your new Evoque you can choose a contrasting roof colour to compliment your choice of paint. Priced at £520 and available in Fuji White, Corris Grey or Santorini Black, these roofs can also feature a panoramic glass section if you’re willing to pay an extra £985.

Range Rover Evoque HSE Dynamic and Autobiography packages

If you’re worried your Evoque looks a little too rugged, make sure you choose one of the HSE Dynamic or Autobiography packages. As well as larger alloy wheels and a rear spoiler, there are lower front air intakes and less black plastic trim. The HSE Dynamic and Autobiography models cost from £40,900 and £52,200 respectively, but it’s worth remembering that the new bodykits marginally reduce off-road ability.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible

The brand new Convertible model sports an identical colour palette to the coupe and five-door models. Currently, the folding fabric roof is only available in black.

Save money on your Range Rover Evoque

Check out how much you could save by using our Range Rover Evoque configurator or our Range Rover Evoque Convertible configurator. If you’re not taken by the Evoque, our car chooser tool will help you find alternatives that match your needs perfectly.

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