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Range Rover Evoque colours and price guide

The Range Rover Evoque is a well-rounded choice if you’re shopping around for a new posh small SUV. It’s also worth having on your radar if you rate design highly, as it’s one of the most stylish new cars around – making it extra important that you pick the right colour.

A broad colour palette is available on the new Evoque; ranging from smart silvers and stealthy blacks to more out-there hues of blues and reds. Check out all of the Range Rover Evoque’s paint options in our full guide below.

  • Fuji White
  • Eiger Grey
  • Firenze Red
  • Lantau Bronze
  • Nolita Grey
  • Portofino Blue
  • Santorini Black
  • Seoul Pearl Silver
  • Yulong White
  • Carpathian Grey
  • Silicon Silver

Fuji White – No-cost option

Fuji White is the only colour option on the Evoque that you don’t need to pay extra for. This paint has a solid finish, so it can look a bit flat in comparison with a similar metallic or pearlescent paint, depending on the light conditions. Despite this, it’s a colour that shouldn’t be hard to sell – though do bear in mind Fuji White will also need frequent washes to keep looking spotless.

Eiger Grey – £705

Greys are pretty inoffensive colours, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a new home for your Range Rover Evoque come resale time if you spec it in Eiger Grey. Making this colour more appealing is the metallic finish, which adds a bit of depth to what would otherwise be a fairly nondescript grey. As it’s not the darkest colour out there, though, Eiger Grey many not be the best paint to pick if you’re after something that’ll hide dirt well.

Firenze Red – £705

A Range Rover Evoque in Firenze Red may not be the easiest car to sell quickly on the second-hand market. However, if you’re after a bold colour to match the car’s striking styling, then it’s definitely worth considering. Firenze Red doesn’t do a good job at hiding grime that’s built up on the bodywork, though, so the colour will quickly lose its lustre if you don’t clean the car regularly.

Lantau Bronze – £705

Lantau Bronze is another less conventional colour option on the Range Rover Evoque, though the subdued tone means it likely won’t attract too much unwanted attention. Because there’s a brown tinge to this paint, Lantau Bronze should also be a colour that still looks fairly fresh if you haven’t washed it in a while.

Nolita Grey – £705

Land Rover calls this paint option a grey, though in some lights Nolita Grey looks more like a muted blue. As it’s a fairly understated colour option, Nolita Grey is worth considering if you’re after a less conventional paint that also isn’t flashy. That more subtle appearance means Nolita Grey also shouldn’t turn away too many potential buyers when you decide it’s time to sell the Range Rover Evoque on.

Portofino Blue – £705

If you’d prefer a ‘proper’ blue on your Evoque, though, then Land Rover has you covered with the Portofino Blue option you see here. Because it’s such a dark blue, this should also be a colour that will appeal to buyers who want their Evoque to have a classy and subtle look. The fact it isn’t a bright colour means Portofino Blue should also hide dirt marks very well.

Santorini Black – £705

Range Rover Evoque buyers who are after the stealthiest look possible should definitely consider Santorini Black. Even if that’s not the case, it’s still a paint option that’s worth mulling over – after all, it’s a classy colour that suits the car’s styling well. Plus, it shouldn’t be hard to sell on an Evoque in this colour. If there is a big downside, it’s that black paints show up dirt really well – and it’s easy to leave the bodywork covered in swirl marks if you don’t clean the car properly.

Seoul Pearl Silver – £705

Despite the name, this colour option isn’t a pearlescent paint. However, as Seoul Pearl Silver is a metallic shade, it’s still a paint that will glimmer brightly on a sunny day. Plus, the extra depth from that shiny finish helps accentuate the Evoque’s stylish design. Brace yourself for regular car washes, though, as bright silvers like this are difficult to keep looking clean.

Yulong White – £705

Arguably an even worse colour to keep spotless is Yulong White – as with all whites, it’s a paint that shows up dirt and grime really easily. If you can keep on top of that, though, you’ll have a very smart-looking Range Rover Evoque. As whites are colours with broad appeal, you shouldn’t have trouble selling an Evoque in Yulong White on the used market.

Carpathian Grey – £970

Carpathian Grey is a colour that occupies the middle ground between the Evoque’s metallic black and its many other grey options. Because it’s a dark metallic colour, Carpathian Grey suits the Evoque well, and it should also do a good job at disguising dirt that’s built up on the sides and bumpers. However, it is a pricey colour option, so you may not recoup the money you spent on picking Carpathian Grey come resale time.

Silicon Silver – £970

Silicon Silver is the darker of the two silver paints on the Range Rover Evoque, which should mean it’ll be slightly easier to keep it factory fresh and unblemished by road grime. As it’s silver, this colour should appeal to used buyers, and it also suits the Evoque’s sharp styling very well. Do bear in mind before you tick the option box for Silicon Silver paint, though, that it’s one of the priciest colours offered on the car.