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SEAT Ateca colours guide and prices

The new SEAT Ateca is a striking crossover SUV that mixes Latin flair with a high quality interior and heaps of practicality. We’ve put together a list of the paint shades available to make choosing the perfect hue for your Ateca as easy as possible.

Take a look at our SEAT Ateca review page to find out more about this model, or check out our car paint types guide to understand the differences between the various finishes on offer.

Solid colours

Mediterranean Blue – £0

This blue is towards the darker end of the spectrum and, as a result, shows off the Ateca’s muscular shape without shouting about it. It’s not the most exciting shade, but it’ll hide grime well and should be easy to sell on – plus it’s the sole no-cost paint option for most trim levels.

Bila White – £250

Bila white is likely to be a very popular choice with buyers – it’ll look great when clean and should be very easy to resell. It’ll get grimy very quickly though, so be sure to budget for plenty of visits to your local car wash.

Passion Red – £250

Passion red is a fiery tone that suits the Ateca’s Spanish heritage well. Red performs moderately at hiding road grime but might not be as popular as more neutral choices when the time comes to sell it on.

Metallic colours

Samoa Orange – £575 (£0 on First Edition)

It’s unlikely you’ll see many Atecas in this bold tone, but it does lend a massive heap of character to the handsome SEAT. It’s likely to have limited appeal when it comes time to resell, but at least it’s a no-cost option if you’re buying one of the First Edition models.

Lava Blue – £575

Not a colour for those who shy away from attention, Lava blue is a distinctive shade that’ll certainly stand out in a supermarket car park. Being so light, it won’t do a great job of hiding dirt and not everyone will like this bright colour which could affect ease of resale. For some, however, its boldness will be its big selling point.

Jungle Green – £575

Jungle green is a rich hue that should stay looking clean for lengthy periods. Thanks to being at the subtler end of the spectrum, it’ll be easy to sell on too, especially given the SEAT’s tough image.

Mato Brown – £575

Mato brown is a medium shade that’ll make your Ateca look very classy, especially when paired with the larger alloy wheels of top-spec XCellence examples. It’s a very subtle hue so should sell nearly as easily as monochrome cars. In addition, this colour will hide road grime for a very long time before you’ll need to wash it.

Rodium Grey – £575 (£0 on First Edition)

Rodium grey is on the darker side and has a hint of silver fleck that suits the classy image of SEAT’s SUV. It should be easy to sell to the used market and easy to keep clean thanks to its dark hue. It’s a no-cost option on First Edition cars too, and is one of the safest choices for future value.

Reflex Silver – £575

Reflex silver is a simple monochrome shade that suits the Ateca’s sophisticated image well. A light silver such as this won’t hide dirt for long but will at least be popular on the second hand car market.

Black Magic – £575

Black magic is your only option if you’re after a black Ateca and is an undeniably attractive shade, despite its cheesy name. Black tends to be popular with used car buyers but, unlike many darker hues, it’s a pain to keep clean and poor quality car washes can leave swirl marks behind.

Nevada White – £575 (£0 on First Edition)

Nevada white looks richer and more luxurious than the non-metallic Bila white but, at more than double the price, you’d expect it to. You may not get your money back when it comes time to resell and it’ll be a pain to keep clean, but you’ll have the knowledge you’re driving a reasonably exclusive car.

Save money on your SEAT Ateca

Check out our SEAT Ateca review page to find out about this new crossover and, when it’s released, you can use carwow to get great prices from the best dealers across the UK. If you’re still not sure what model to buy, take a look at our car chooser tool and deals page.

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