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Skoda Yeti and Yeti Outdoor colour guide

April 17, 2015 by

A car’s colour defines the way it looks and with a good looking car comes desirability. Having a desirable car brings lower depreciation levels which means a higher asking price when it’s time to sell the car on.

We don’t usually think about the colour of our cars that much but, when you consider costs of ownership, the colour chosen on a car can save or cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds – it’s safe to say, it’s an important choice.

If the Skoda Yeti is tickling your fancy – and considering its vast range of talents, that’s unsurprising – here’s a colour guide to help you pick the right shade for you. For a more in-depth breakdown of colour types, check out our explanation here.

Solid colours

Pacific blue – £0

This is a conservative choice which suits the ‘low-key’ characteristic of both the Yeti and Yeti Outdoor. It’s a solid colour, so it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as a more expensive metallic choice, especially in the sun. Frequent trips to the car wash are not required as the paint will hide dirt very well.

Corrida red – £175 (£0 on Yeti Monte Carlo)

This is one of the most outlandish choices on the Yeti’s list. The Yeti is a larger vehicle, so you’ll definitely stand out in traffic in this shade. The car will need to be washed frequently as the colour doesn’t go too well with road grime, and the demand on the used market for this coloured vehicle won’t be as high as for the more conservative choices.

Candy white – £175 (£0 on Yeti Outdoor L&K and Yeti Monte Carlo)

Available on both models, Candy White is best specified on the Yeti Outdoor as the extra black body cladding visually ‘breaks up’ the car’s sizeable dimensions. It’ll need washing frequently and, although the demand for white cars is very high, it’s a solid colour and so it’s not as desirable as the metallic equivalents.

Metallic colours

Petrol blue – £535 (£360 on Yeti Outdoor L&K)

This colour leans more towards the turquoise end of the spectrum. It’s a slightly unusual colour but, nevertheless, a nice one. It’s striking too, even more so when the sun is shining. Washing the car needn’t be done on too regular a basis. Although we recommend you fully polish this paint as it’ll really make its qualities shine.

Muscovado – £535 (£360 on Yeti Outdoor L&K)

Available on both models, this colour is most suited for the more sophisticated individual. Brown doesn’t usually suit a lot of cars but it does here. Keep it clean for the car to look its best. The demand for brown cars isn’t as high as blacks or silvers so don’t expect to sell it overnight, however in the flesh, this colour looks rather nice.

Rosso brunello – £535 (£360 on Yeti Outdoor L&K)

More burgundy than brown. This colour is ideal for people wanting something out of the ordinary while still keeping that low-key image. Washing the car will not be a necessity but it looks its best when fully washed and polished. You can specify this colour with a black roof for £395 to bring an extra touch of class to proceedings.

Black magic pearl effect – £535 (£360 on Yeti Outdoor L&K)

Black is a timeless colour that bodes well with every car. It’s safe to say the Skoda Yeti is part of this group. The black paint brings out the Yeti’s German genes and demand for such vehicles will be high on the used markets and therefore re-sale values will be as high. Black shows up swirls from poor washing so don’t cut corners on cleaning it.

Metal grey – £535 (£360 on Yeti Outdoor L&K and Yeti Monte Carlo)

Grey is also a timeless colour and demand will be high when the time comes to sell your car. Washing the car isn’t a necessity and the metallic finish really adds to the overall classiness of the vehicle. This is a colour to definitely slip under the radar unnoticed.

Cappuccino beige – £535 (£360 on Yeti Outdoor L&K)

Not the most interesting colour in the Yeti’s line-up but it’s a nice shade nevertheless. It’s much lighter than Muscovado, meaning there’ll be more frequent trips to the car wash. This shade won’t be as popular as others in the list, so selling the vehicle on will be made slightly more difficult. To add a bit more visual character, the black roof and mirrors costing £395 would be money well spent.

Brilliant silver – £535 (£360 on Yeti Outdoor L&K and Yeti Monte Carlo)

A very light shade of silver. This colour perfectly compliments the shape of both the Yeti and Yeti Outdoor. This’ll be very popular on the used markets which, in turn, will return a higher asking price. Cleaning will be frequently required to keep the car looking at its best. The £395 black roof would be a worthy advisory on this paint scheme, lifting the appearance of the car up another notch.

Magnetic brown – £360

Only available on the top Laurin & Klement trim for the Yeti Outdoor, it’s an exclusive colour so people will be able to tell you’ve bought the top of the range model. We’re not completely sure how this’ll fare on the used market but its higher price might put some buyers off. It’s the darkest brown in the range, so you won’t have to wash the car on a regular basis. It works very well with the mandatory silver wing mirrors and various trinkets of chrome trim.

Coloured roofs – £395 (standard on Yeti Monte Carlo)

If you want your Yeti to stand out a bit more, you can paint the roof a contrasting colour. Candy white, Brilliant silver and Black magic are offered depending on what trim level and body colour you specify. If you specify the car with a black roof, you can opt for the same coloured door mirrors as a no-cost option.

What next?

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