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Toyota Prius size and dimensions guide

The Toyota Prius is arguably the best known hybrid car around, and offers low running costs and futuristic looks for buyers who value being green. Pure electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe might rival the Toyota in terms of running costs, but the Prius’ petrol hybrid powertrain gives it more versatility.

We’ve pulled together dimensions data for the Prius to save you breaking out the tape measure in the dealership. If it fits your needs perfectly, read our Toyota Prius review for more information and check out our Toyota Prius deals to save money on your new car.

Toyota Prius exterior dimensions

The latest Toyota Prius has swapped some of its curves for sharper, more futuristic styling lines and has grown slightly in the process. Measuring 4,540mm, it’s noticeably longer than the likes of the VW Golf (4,260mm) and Vauxhall Astra (4,370mm), but is actually slightly narrower than both.

This has helped make the Prius more fuel efficient, but does mean that parking can be a little trickier than traditional family hatchbacks. The angled rear screen doesn’t help matters, but a standard rear parking camera is handy and, if you’re still not sold, you can get self-parking technology, too.

Toyota Prius exterior dimensions
Length 4,540mm
Width (excluding mirrors) 1,760mm
Height 1,470mm

Toyota Prius interior dimensions and boot space

The Prius’ increased exterior dimensions have resulted in an interior that’s more spacious for both driver and passengers, with four being able to travel long distances in comfort. The car’s narrow width means anyone travelling in the middle might find things a little tight, but there’s a decent amount of room for their feet thanks to a reasonably flat floor.

Toyota has placed the Prius’ batteries under the boot floor, meaning the 360 litres on offer is a little smaller than some might expect, considering the car’s size. In comparison, a Nissan Leaf has 370 litres and Toyota’s smaller and slightly cheaper Auris Hybrid has the same 360 litres. However, load the boot up to the roof, rather than just the parcel shelf, and you’ll have 502 litres to play with and 1,204 litres with the rear seats folded.

Toyota Prius interior dimensions and boot space
Boot space seats up 360 litres
Boot space seats folded 1,204 litres

Toyota Prius fuel tank size and turning circle

The Prius’ 43-litre fuel tank is a little smaller than some traditionally fuelled family hatchbacks, but excellent fuel economy means the car has a possible 889-mile range. It’s possible to travel distances less than five miles using just the battery if you can keep speeds low. The upcoming Prius Prime plug-in hybrid should have an all-electric range of 11 miles, though.

A turning circle of 10.2 metres is impressive – tighter than most superminis – meaning drivers in the city should have no problem manoeuvring the Prius in tight spots.

Toyota Prius fuel tank and turning circle
Fuel tank 43 litres
Turning circle 10.2 metres

Toyota Prius weight and towing

The Prius is quite a heavy car – those batteries mean it weighs more than many rival family hatchbacks. Toyota has tried to cut weight in other areas and, as a result, it weighs barely more than the last generation car, despite being bigger and having more standard equipment.

It’s unlikely that many buyers will use their Prius for towing, but the 750kg limit is better than many hybrids and should allow for small trailers to be hauled. We’d advise against towing regularly though – the fuel-saving CVT automatic gearbox won’t thank you for it, and neither will your ears.

Toyota Prius weight and towing
Weight 1,390kg
Towing limit 725kg

Save money on your Toyota Prius

Check out our Toyota Prius review to find out more and our Toyota Prius deals page to get great prices from the best dealers across the UK. If you’re still not sure what model to buy, take a look at our car chooser tool and deals page.

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