Volkswagen Polo options – which to buy

Despite the fact there are now a number of superminis that are better to drive, and plenty that are cheaper, the Volkswagen Polo remains one of the most desirable models in the segment. The Polo offers an almost unbeatable combination of low running costs, respectable practicality, excellent build quality and strong residuals.

If you take a look at it through carwow’s configurator, you’ll notice there are a number of options to help you personalise your Polo to your own tastes and requirements. Which ones are worth the cash and which are better left on the equipment list? Let’s take a look…

Essential options

Discover navigation – £700

For what is a relatively inexpensive car, VW’s Discover navigation system is the sort of feature you’d normally expect to see on premium cars. The 6.5-inch colour touchscreen controls the navigation, CD and radio functions, but it does so much more than just give you directions. The system also has SMS functionality, which lets you read, compose and send SMS messages. It’s available as an option on all models except entry-level S and S A/C variants. To say this feature is essential may be stretching things a little, but you’ll definitely be glad you invested in it when it comes to selling your Polo.

Cruise and park pack – £400

Once you’ve had a car with parking sensors, it’s pretty hard to imagine life without them. This pack not only gives you front and rear sensors with audible warnings, it also has an optical parking display via the vehicle’s audio system display. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, it also adds cruise control to your Polo as part of the deal.

Useful options

Rear-view camera – £240

If you prefer to rely on what you can actually see rather than audible warnings, you can opt for a rear-view camera. The camera shows you what’s going on behind you by displaying the image in your vehicle’s audio display. It isn’t an expensive option as it stands, but you do need to already have Cruise and Park pack on S, SE and GTI models or, if you have chosen the BlueGT trim level, you need to have selected front and rear parking sensors.

Electronic climate control – £380

Most Polos come with basic air conditioning as standard, which is fine if you’re one of those people that only ever uses air conditioning on full blast but, for a more subtle approach to temperature regulation, you’ll want electronic climate control. This system is both more advanced than regular air conditioning because it offers finer control over the interior environment but also more simple thanks to its straightforward temperature dial.

Front passenger airbag deactivation – £45

You could be forgiven for assuming this would be standard, but you’d be wrong. If you are ever going to be putting a child seat in the front of your Polo, this is essential. However, even if you have no intention of ever doing so and you don’t even know anybody that has a small child you may want to transport, it’s still worth paying for. When it comes to re-selling your car at a later date, it could put-off the family buyer. For such a small amount of money, it’s well-worth the investment (even if VW should’ve fitted it as standard).

Frivolous options

Paddle shift – £95

Even when paddle shifts are fitted to exotic sports cars or luxury SUVs and saloons, it’s hard to say how many drivers actually use them on a regular basis. They’re a cool novelty when you first get them, but you soon find yourself returning to the more conventional way of changing gear. However, for such a small sum of money they’re a little bit of frivolous fun that can be added to SE, SE Design and SEL trim levels.

Curtain airbag system – £645

Some people may be offended at any sort of airbag being considered as frivolous. However, if they provided the kind of fundamental protection offered by the steering wheel and front passenger airbags, surely they’d be standard? It might provide some extra peace of mind for nervous passengers to know that your Polo is fitted with them but, at £645, they’ll fall into many people’s list of frivolous items.

What next?

Head over to our car configurator to see how much carwow’s approved Volkswagen dealers can save you on your ideal Polo. To help you pick, head over to our Polo colours guide to choose what shade to buy and check out our dimensions guide to see if it’ll fit into your life. Or for more options, take a look at our car deals page to see our latest discounts.

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