2020 BMW X8 price, specs and release date

Russell Campbell
May 17, 2018

BMW is going to make a more stylish version of the BMW X7, called the X8. Read more about the sleek upcoming SUV here

With BMW’s new flagship SUV, the X7, nearing production, the company is now said to be developing a BMW X8 coupe that would sit above the X2, X4 and X6 in the firm’s range.

Our exclusive render shows what the X8 could look like

BMW X8 Styling

The BMW X8 will be designed for people who want a practical SUV but aren’t willing to sacrifice on style. That means the X8 will get a more swooping roofline than other BMW SUVs, including the upcoming the X7, and an even bolder front grille – although it’s hard to imagine how the latter could be possible. X8 models are likely to come as standard with lowered M Sport suspension – to give the car a more hunkered down appearance – and massive alloy wheels.

The X8’s cabin will borrow features from the X7 concept, shown here…

BMW X8 practicality

Although the swept back roofline – and resulting smaller rear windows – will make the X8’s back seat feel a little more claustrophobic than the X7’s, you can still expect the rear seat to happily accommodate two six-foot adults. Boot space will also be a high priority and the X8 will be far more practical than a conventional coupe, thanks to a tall boot and back seats that fold down to make way for bulky items such as flat-pack furniture.

Slick dual screens (like these on the X7) should appear in the X8

BMW X8 infotainment

That said, the X8’s lavish cabin should dispel any fears that it is an agricultural workhorse. It’ll be shared with the X7 so you can expect it to get a large infotainment screen and a digital display in the instrument binnacle where you would normally find analogue dials. Their multi-purpose capability will allow BMW to cut down on conventional buttons leaving the way clear for leather and expensive looking trim pieces throughout the cabin.

BMW X8 drive

The X8 is set to be more fun to drive than the X7. It’s likely that X8 models will come fitted with stiffer M Sport suspension as standard – to cut out body lean in corners at the expense of some comfort on bumpy roads – and quicker steering to make the car feel more agile. An eight-speed automatic gearbox will also be a standard feature.

The X8’s engine range should mirror the X7’s

BMW X8 engines

For performance that is in keeping with the X8’s looks you can expect it to be available with a range of six and eight-cylinder engines. An obvious choice would be the 3.0-litre 313hp diesel engine fitted to the BMW 640d, with it in place the X8 should be capable of 0-62mph in under six seconds and fuel economy of around 45mpg. Another likely candidate would be the 450hp 4.4-litre V8 petrol fitted to 650i – it would be sweeter sounding and quicker than the six-cylinder options, but at the cost of truly terrifying fuel economy.

BMW X8 price and release date

If you fancy having a gleaming new BMW X8 on your driveway then the bad news is that it’ll not come cheap, prices are set to start from £80,000 rising to well over £100,000 for a top of the range model. It’ll likely to go on sale in the latter half of 2020.