BMW i4 Gran Coupe price, specs and release date

Nicholas Lette van Oostvoorne
October 23, 2018

The BMW i4 Gran Coupe will go on sale in 2021 as a Tesla alternative. Read on for full prices and specs and our exclusive render 

The upcoming BMW i4 electric saloon car will go on sale in 2021 and could cost from around £55,000. Our exclusive render shows how the finished car could look when it appears in UK showrooms.

  • BMW i4 saloon to go on sale in 2021
  • Will come with a 373-mile electric range
  • Accelerates from 0-62mph in 4.0 seconds
  • Expected to cost from £55,000

2021 BMW i4 price and release date

The BMW i4 is set for a 2021 release date and is expected to have a starting price of £55,000, making it an alternative to the Tesla Model S electric saloon and the Audi e-tron and Mercedes EQC electric SUVs. Like the i3, the i4 may also be available as a faster (and more expensive) i4 S model, although BMW hasn’t confirmed any specific details.

2021 BMW i4 performance

The production-ready BMW i4 is expected to serve up similar performance to the i Vision Dynamics concept, shown below. As a result, it should dispatch the 0-62mph sprint in around 4.0 seconds and reach a top speed of approximately 120mph. That’s not quite as quick as a range-topping Tesla Model S P100D, but the i4 should be significantly cheaper and even edges ahead of the Tesla in terms of range – on a full charge it’ll manage around 375 miles compared with the Model S’ 350-mile limit.

2021 BMW i4 styling

The BMW i4 will look similar to the i Vision Dynamics, but without some of the concept’s more extreme features – as shown by our exclusive render, above. The divisive one-piece grille – like that on the BMW iX3 – is expected to appear on the finished road car, but the flush door handles, rear-view cameras and super-slim headlights will all make way for more conventional items by the time the BMW i4 appears in showrooms.

Just like the i3 and i8, the i4 will feature unusually large alloy wheels for a car of its size. These won’t just be for show, they’ll help make the BMW i4 as aerodynamic as possible which will help boost its electric range – just be careful not to scratch them on tall kerbs when you’re parking.

2021 BMW i4 interior

You can expect the BMW i4 to have the minimalist interior design and posh materials we have already seen in the i3 electric car. It has a digital dashboard and trims made from renewable resources such as bamboo.

That’ll make the i4 feel extremely modern, but a bigger clue to its electric powertrain and batteries is the fact that the car will likely have a completely flat interior floor that’ll make it feel very spacious for its size. That is made possible because the i4 doesn’t have to make way for things like the prop shaft and fuel tank that you’d get in a conventional BMW.

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