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Honda HR-V Dimensions & Space

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Boot (seats up)
448 - 470 litres
Boot (seats down)
1,026 - 1,473 litres

Wide doors make it easy to get in the Honda HR-V’s back seats but its cabin isn’t as roomy as alternatives so carrying three adults side-by-side can get pretty cosy

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Passenger space

The Honda HR-V’s infotainment system might fail to excite, but at least you’ll be comfortable while you’re fiddling with its controls. The Honda HR-V’s front seats are soft and supportive (especially in range-topping EX cars) and there’s plenty of adjustment to help you get comfortable – even if you’re very tall.

Unfortunately, only top-spec EX cars come with height adjustment for the passenger seat but there’s still more than enough head and leg room for your six-foot friends to stretch out in the front.

There’s slightly less headroom in the back but the wide rear door openings make it easy to climb in. You can even get the Honda HR-V with some protruding running boards under the back doors to help young kids climb in easily.

If you regularly carry three adult passengers side-by-side you might want to consider the Suzuki Vitara instead. Its boxier body means there’s more shoulder room in the back and its central seat is softer and lower than the Honda’s.

You can’t slide or recline the Honda HR-V’s back seats like you can in the Peugeot 2008 but its large back doors make it easier to lift in a bulky child seat. The hidden Isofix anchor points can make securing the seat base a bit of a stab in the dark, however.

Storage space

The Honda HR-V is absolutely packed full of useful storage bins to keep its smart-looking interior tidy. All four door bins can hold a 1.5-litre bottle each and there’s enough space in the glovebox for a pair of one-litre bottles. Its reconfigurable cupholders in the centre console can securely hold anything from a minute espresso to a giant water bottle.

Under the centre console you’ll find a storage tray and two USB ports – ideal for keeping your phone charged up and out of the way – and there’s another slim storage bin under the folding central armrest.

There’s an extra cupholder between the front seats for your back-seat passengers to share but only mid-range SE models and above come with a folding rear armrest with two cupholders as standard.

Forget making a rabbit disappear into a top hat – Honda’s magic folding rear seats help the HR-V swallow a huge flat-screen TV without breaking a sweat

Mat Watson
carwow expert
Boot space

The Honda HR-V‘s 470-litre boot is easily bigger than those in either the 375-litre Vitara or 410-litre 2008. There’s more than enough space for a large baby stroller and some soft bags or even two large and two small suitcases under the parcel shelf – even with all five seats in place.

You also get a deep underfloor storage area that’s big enough to hold a small suitcase, and there are also a number of handy tie-down hooks and a 12V socket. Unfortunately, the underfloor cubby isn’t quite big enough to store the parcel shelf.

Flip the back seats down in a two-way (60:40) split and you can carry some long luggage and a rear-seat passenger at once. Fold both back seats down – using the levers beside the headrests – and you’ll have access to a roomy 1,533-litre loadbay. It’s big enough to carry a bike with both its wheels attached and it’s much bigger than the 1,160- and 1,400-litre boots in the Vitara and 2008.

There’s a slight lip you’ll have to lift heavy luggage over but the Honda HR-V‘s boot opening is low and wide and the floor’s almost completely flat so it’s a breeze to slide heavy boxes right up behind the front seats.

The Honda HR-V‘s party piece is its clever rear seats. Flip the rear seat bases upwards and they lock in place leaving you with a huge uninterrupted load space where your rear passengers would normally sit. It’s easily big enough for a bulky TV box or a small bike.

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