Kia Picanto interior

The Kia Picanto’s interior has a smart design and gets five doors for easy access to the back seats, but some alternatives feel slightly posher and come with more personalisation options


Mid-range GT-Line trim cars get aluminium trims, two-tone leather upholstery, sporty metal pedals… and an ugly infotainment screen

You won’t find anything jaw-droppingly exciting about the Picanto’s interior design, but you’ll find nothing repulsive either.

The dashboard’s oblong air vents look similar to the ones found in the much larger Kia Sportage and you get a slash of silver trim that runs from the driver’s side to the air vent on the far left-hand side of the cabin. The three-spoke steering wheel looks sporty and the dials are clear and easy to read, although the controls for the car’s stereo feel disappointingly flimsy.

Everything else feels properly screwed together though, and although you don’t get any soft-touch plastics you can’t really expect to in a car that’s as keenly priced as the Picanto.

You do get black upholstery on basic models that makes the interior feel a little bit gloomy. GT Line and GT Line S models make a decent effort of brightening it up – both of them come with faux black leather seats with red highlights which will be easier to keep clean than the cloth options.

The Kia Picanto’s upgraded 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system comes with plenty of must-have connectivity features, so it's well worth paying extra for

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Mid-range GT-Line trim cars get aluminium trims, two-tone leather upholstery, sporty metal pedals… and an ugly infotainment screen

The basic Picanto 1 doesn’t get a proper infotainment screen. Its 3.8-inch monochrome display looks like the kind you’d get on a 90s stereo. Picanto 2 and GT Line models get the same system, but upgraded with a handy Bluetooth phone connection for hands-free mobile calls and music streaming.

To get an actual infotainment screen though, you’ll have to go for at least a Picanto 3. They come with a 7-inch colour touchscreen that’s pretty big for a car the Picanto’s size and makes the interior look far more modern. The graphics aren’t spectacularly detailed and the processing speeds aren’t particularly quick but at this price it’s hard to grumble.

The good news is that it comes complete with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity so you can mirror your smartphone’s navigation and media apps on the Picanto’s big screen.

Picanto 3 models and up also get the best stereo of the lot – it offers reasonable sound via its six speakers but doesn’t have the immersive quality of the Beats Audio system available in the Volkswagen Up. It could be worse, though – Picanto 2s make do with four-speakers while the entry-level model has just two. Humming your tunes may well be louder.

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