Lexus UX interior

Like every Lexus, the UX interior is beautifully made with expensive-feeling materials, but if you are a fan of minimalist design, perhaps look elsewhere


You couldn’t call the Lexus UX interior understated. True, it’s beautifully made with expensive-feeling materials and thanks to Lexus’ well-known high standards of craftsmanship, it will still look like new in a decade.

Most of the many buttons you are faced with are all angled slightly towards the driver so all are easily reachable. And they have a nice reassuring quality feel to them, too.

Lexus UX specifications have yet to be revealed but you will be able to choose from a range of cloth, leather or part-leather interiors. New for the Lexus UX is the option for a trim made to look like Japanese paper, or you can opt for a leather-like finish similar to those found in the Lexus LC and LS cars.

Choose leather seats and you get the option for a new design where the leather is perforated into repeating geometric shapes. All this combines to make the Lexus UX interior a unique place to be.

You’ll either love the interior design or you’ll hate it - there’s no half-measures. Me? I think Lexus interiors are cool

Mat Watson
carwow expert


The Lexus UX comes with either a 7.0- or 10.25-inch infotainment screen that fits in neatly to the dashboard.

It’s operated by the Lexus Remote Touch Interface – a touchpad situated between the front two seats, by the gearshift. You can swipe and double tap as you would on a smartphone, and it can even recognise capital letters so you can write in names and the like with your finger.

The touchpad vibrates when the cursor on the screen is moved, so you can feel when the cursor is in the right place and a command has been inputted.

At the base of the touchpad there are further controls that help navigate through the stereo functions, but the whole set up is not intuitive to use and systems from the likes of BMW and Mercedes are much more simple to operate and have clearer and quicker graphics.

Lexus has yet to confirm if the UX will come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

There are other neat tech touches around the interior however. There are no analogue dials behind the steering wheel – instead there’s a sharp-looking 7.0-inch TFT digital screen.

And you can opt for a 360-degree parking camera that’s almost worth the price for its start up sequence alone.

You can also opt for a heads-up display and then there’s the Lexus Climate Concierge that automatically coordinates the temperature of the air con with the temperature in the heated and ventilated seats. Smart.

You can even choose to have special LED lights to illuminate the controls on the air vents, though we’re not sure why you would.

As you would expect in a Lexus, the UX has a wonderfully clear six-speaker sound system that comes as standard. You can upgrade to an eight-speaker stereo, or if you want the equivalent a 120-piece orchestra playing in the back seats, opt for the 13-speaker Mark Levinson system.

Available trims

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