New MG Cyberster on sale now: price and specs revealed

April 25, 2024 by

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Carwow’s Most Anticipated Car of 2024 is finally available to order, and it costs £54,995. 

  • New MG Cyberster on sale now
  • Prices start from £54,995
  • Two power options available
  • 0-60mph in as little as 3.2 seconds
  • Up to 316 miles of range
  • Driver-focussed interior

Order books for the MG Cyberster have finally opened, and the winner of the Most Anticipated Car award in the 2024 Carwow Car Of The Year Awards starts from £54,995.

There are two models available from launch, the most powerful of which will do 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds. Deliveries will start in August.

New MG Cyberster price and specs

You can now place your order for a new MG Cyberster, and there are two models to choose from: the Trophy for £54,995 or the GT for £59,995

The Cyberster doesn’t really have any direct alternatives, with the only other all-electric convertible sports car on the market being the £186,000 Maserati GranCabrio Folgore. You could also look at an Abarth 500e Cabriolet if you’re after open-top EV thrills, but it doesn’t offer the same levels of performance.

All cars come fully loaded with kit. You get heated seats, a heated steering wheel, a 360-degree camera system, keyless entry and adaptive cruise control as standard on both models.

The only real visual changes between the Trophy and the GT are the wheels, with the former getting 19-inch alloys and the range-topper being fitted with 20s. The main difference between the two comes under the skin.

New MG Cyberster motors and performance

The entry-level Trophy version will be more than adequate if you’re planning on using your Cyberster as a grand tourer. It has a single electric motor powering the rear wheels with 335hp, and 0-62mph is dealt with in 5.0 seconds.

That’s still similar performance to something like a Volkswagen Golf R, but if it’s a supercar-scaring turn of speed you’re after then the dual-motor GT will be better suited. This version has 496hp going to all four wheels, and it’ll do 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds.

That makes it marginally quicker than a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS Cabriolet, and it’s only a few tenths of a second off the Maserati GranCabrio Folgore, a car which costs a whopping £130,000 more.

New MG Cyberster batteries and range

Both versions of the MG Cyberster use a 77kWh battery, however the additional motor in the GT model does make it more power-hungry.

If you go for the single-motor Trophy then you’ll get up to 316 miles out of a charge according to WLTP testing. That’s not far off the 323 miles you get from the MG4 hatchback with the same-sized battery.

This drops to 276 miles in the dual motor GT, which is around 40 miles less than something like a BMW i4 M50 can manage. It’s not the quickest to charge either, with both cars taking 38 minutes to go from 10-80% at a 150kW DC fast charger. A Tesla Model 3 will take over 10 minutes less than this.

New MG Cyberster interior and infotainment

The MG Cyberster’s cabin is like nothing we’ve seen from the brand before, with a design which is very much focussed around the driver.

The centrepiece here is the wraparound display behind the steering wheel. It comprises three separate screens, a 10.25-inch screen in the centre and two 7.0-inch screens on either side. These are controlled using buttons on the steering wheel, and there is a fourth screen in the centre console for your climate control.

New MG Cyberster design

Fans of retro MG sports cars of the 70s may be intrigued by the new MG Cyberster, because it’s been designed to hark back to classic models like the MGB GT. Granted, no MG left the factory in the 20th century with scissor doors, but this is a modern twist on the British sports car.

The doors aren’t just a concept car pipe dream either, because MG has promised that they will carry over to the production car. The sloping bonnet line and muscular wheel arches help this stand out as a sports car, as do the sleek headlights.

Size-wise, this Cyberster is quite a bit bigger than the quintessential 70s British sports car, it’s actually around the same size as the modern Jaguar F-Type. The side profile is very sports car-esque though, with the stubby rear end and wheel-at-each-corner stance making it look purposeful.

At the rear you have a full-width LED light bar, as well as some curious-looking arrow-shaped tail lights. Behind these are some big vents which, if you squint, look a bit like the ones you’ll find on the Lotus Evija. Shame they’re fake though.

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