The car that pays you to buy it

Accountants at Porsche have all earned themselves a giant-sized pat on the back and some extra würsts. The Macan SUV is in such incredible demand that customers are willing to pay above list price just to get one on their driveway now.

That means if you ordered one and have just picked it up, you might want to consider immediately selling it because you’ll probably make a profit. Demand began long before it was launched in March 2014 meaning dealers are quoting up to two years of lead time before you can have yours.

Far from wait this unthinkable length of time, some desperate Porsche fans are buying second hand Macans for more than they cost new. Tim Bearder of CAP Automotive remarked that it was unusual for a car as cheap as the Macan, relatively speaking, to enter reverse depreciation – normally reserved for rarified supercars.

Dealers have confirmed to Mr Bearder that they would be happy to honour these sales and repurchase the Macans from customers if it wasn’t for Porsche expressly forbidding this practice. Either way, Porsche stands to do very well from this news as it’ll further bolster the Macan’s resale values and the marque’s reputation in general.

If Porsche decides to increase the supply of Macans then the trend might end but, considering there’s been no announcement to the contrary, it looks set to continue. Those lucky enough to have picked up an early Macan can enjoy their brand new Porsche for a few months and still sell it on for a profit.

Porsche profits – porky-pies?

Don’t bet on it. Porsche has a history of selling vast swathes of cars and many buyers make a big deal out of getting the latest model first. The lucky few can enjoy their appreciating motor so why not check out the Porsche’s rivals – the BMW X3, Audi Q5, Volvo XC60 and Range Rover Evoque.

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