2015 Skoda Superb interior revealed

This is the first look at the inside of the 2015 Skoda Superb.

We’ve only seen design sketches of the outside so far, but this first glimpse inside looks like it’s ready to roll down the Skoda production line. The Czech brand promises that the 2015 Superb’s interior will be “extremely roomy” and boast “fine materials”. Let’s take a closer look!

The photo above is from a range-topping 2015 Skoda Superb Laurin and Klement model, a trim level that traditionally gets brown leather dotted around the cabin, as well as cooled and heated seats. The 2015 Superb’s seats look to follow in the same pattern, with a sharper – some would say posher – pattern of stitching on the seat bases than in the old car.

The old Superb’s four-spoke steering wheel has gone, and in its place is a far less dowdy three-spoke wheel with the usual array of buttons for controlling the radio, media devices and voice control. The air vents also take on a far more angular shape, mirrored by the crease on the door handle and sharp angles of the door mirror.

A notable change over the old car is the replacement of ‘Skoda green’ backlit buttons with a more neutral (and less clashing) white. A small change, but one that’s really noticeable when you scroll down to see the interior of the previous Superb.

2015 Skoda Superb handbrake

The keen eyed among you will have noticed that the 2015 Superb will be the first Skoda to feature an electronic handbrake with auto-hold control. This humble electronic handbrake now features in everything from the Volkswagen Golf to the latest Audi TT, so it’s no surprise to see it finally feature in a Skoda – especially because the Superb will once again be the Czech company’s flagship model.

2015 Skoda Superb infotainment

The most obvious improvement over the old car’s interior (see below) is the large touchscreen sat-nav unit. The control buttons from this extend outwards, blending in better with the rest of the interior – much like the top-spec sat-nav available in the current Skoda Octavia.

Unlike its recently released Volkswagen Passat brother, the Superb doesn’t appear to get the new Volkswagen Group digital dashboard, which replaces the two traditional dials with a super-sharp colour screen that can be used to display sat-nav maps and more. There’s a chance this could feature in later versions of the Superb, because Volkswagen Group has had problems supplying enough of the dashboard displays to fit them to customer orders of the new Passat.

We’ll publish more 2015 Skoda Superb news as it becomes available, but in the mean time compare the modern interior above with the inside of the previous-generation car below.

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