Manual gearbox for special edition BMW Z4: Prices and spec

January 31, 2024 by

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This is the new BMW Z4 Handschalter, and it’s the first time the brand has offered this generation of Z4 with a third pedal. Read on for all you need to know…

Z4 M40i Handschalter gives roadster a six-speed manual ‘box
Special edition also gets tuned chassis
Mixed-size wheels – 19-inch on front, 20-inch on back
Bespoke design features inside and out including exclusive colour
Special edition costs from £60,675

BMW is offering its latest Z4 roadster with a manual gearbox for the first time with the launch of the Z4 M40i Handschalter Edition.

Handschalter means ‘manual switch’ in German, and in this case that switch is a six-speed gearbox designed to attract keener drivers to the two-seater.

BMW Z4 Handschalter performance

The Handschalter has the same 340hp output from its 3.0-litre straight-six engine as the regular Z4 M40i model, which until now has only been available as an automatic. Although making for a more involving driving experience, the special edition is actually 0.1 seconds slower to 62mph than the regular auto, taking 4.6 seconds. It’s also slightly less efficient, though there’s little in it.

BMW said that the electronically controlled dampers have been given a software fine-tune to make it feel sportier to drive, while the M Sport differential and traction control have been given a model-specific set-up for “sharper handling characteristics” according to BMW.

BMW Z4 Handschalter specification

BMW has opted to put mixed-size wheels on the Z4 for the first time in a move previously saved for its M-division cars. The black high-gloss alloys, 19 inches on the front and 20 on the back – have been chosen because BMW says it “enables optimum transfer of drive power to the road”.

The Handschalter gets a bespoke Frozen Deep Green colour not available on the rest of the Z4 line-up, while the soft-top roof can be specced in Anthracite Silver rather than the regular black. The Cognac leather interior is also exclusive to the special edition model, and is joined in the cabin by black high-gloss cabin trim.

Look closely and you’ll spot black high-gloss mirror caps, flaps for streamlining air flow around the rear wheel arches and red brake callipers.

When can I buy one?

The Z4 M40i Handschalter is on sale now, with first deliveries starting in the spring. Built at the Magna Steyr plant in Graz, Austria, the car’s manual gearbox has been custom developed for the car.

How much will it cost?

BMW has confirmed pricing of from £60,675 for the manual Z4, which means getting the manual gearbox and the other special cosmetic and engineering bits on the Handschalter adds a bit over £3,000 compared to a regular auto Z4 M40i.

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