2019 SEAT Leon price, specs and release date

Ben Custard
October 31, 2018

Our exclusive picture gives us our best idea yet what to expect of the new SEAT Leon – keep reading for the car’s price, specs and release date

  • 2019 SEAT Leon gets distinctive new styling
  • Specs include mild hybrid power
  • And a digital dashboard
  • On sale from summer 2018
  • Price from around £18,000

Our exclusive picture gives you an idea what you can expect from the 2019 SEAT Leon that’ll be based on the upcoming Mk8 Volkswagen Golf. The car is set to get a smarter cabin with improved infotainment and more space, along with a range of hybrid engines. Read all about the car’s price, specs and release date, below.

2019 SEAT Leon price and on-sale date

The 2019 SEAT Leon is set to cost about the same as the current model, which starts from £18,000 – that’s about the same as a VW Golf, although you can expect the Leon to come with more standard equipment. SEAT has yet to confirm when the new Leon will be launched, but the summer of 2019 seems likely.

2019 SEAT Leon specs

While the 2019 SEAT Leon might not look radically different to the current model, it’s an all-new car – something that is likely to be more apparent from the inside.

There you’ll see bigger changes with a cleaner design and larger infotainment screens that’ll be used to control more of the car’s systems and feature improved voice activation. Behind the steering wheel, you’ll also be able to spec the car with a large digital screen that’ll make it easy to follow the sat-nav’s directions.

The other thing you’ll spot is how much more spacious the new car is. Our sources suggest the Leon’s wheel base – the space between the front and rear wheels – has increased by 50mm, to give the car more rear legroom. That could also translate into a little more boot space for an extra soft bag on top of the two large suitcases you’ll fit in the current car.

SEAT has always been the VW Group’s sporty offering which means the Leon is likely to get a slightly stiffer suspension setup that’ll make it lean less in bends than a Golf. In terms of straight-line performance, the big news is that the Leon will be available with hybrid power in the form of a small petrol engine boosted by an electric motor to give it plus-50mpg fuel economy and a nippy 0-62mph time of around seven seconds.

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