SEAT Tarraco interior

The SEAT Tarraco has a logical dashboard, infotainment that’s easy to operate and a cabin that’s well built but not flashy. However, the overall design is a tad fussy


Aside from a flash of trim across the centre of the dashboard, there’s nothing remotely racey about the SEAT Tarraco‘s interior design. What you do get though is an underlying sense of solid build quality. That means all plastics on the top half of the interior are soft to the touch, buttons operate with a well-sprung ‘click’, and cubby spaces open with a damped smoothness.

You can upgrade your Tarraco with things like leather upholstery and colourful ambient lighting but if you want a car that’s truly snazzy inside you’d be better off with a posh SUV like a BMW X3.

The Tarraco’s interior is solid and easy-to-use but it's about as exciting as a trip to Bognor with your granny when compared to the flamboyant interior in the Peugeot 5008

Mat Watson
carwow expert


The SEAT Tarraco comes with all the infotainment you need as standard.

In the centre of the cabin you get an eight-inch screen that sits proud of the dashboard. It has colourful graphics and its slick controls mean it recognises the same pinch and swipe gestures that you’ll be used to using on your smartphone.

The built-in sat-nav (not available on SE cars) is easy to operate and gives clear directions but most of the time it’ll be easier to use the navigation apps in your smartphone via the car’s built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It’s smarter than the car’s sat-nav – automatically routing you around congestion – and plugging your phone into the car’s USB also gives you instant access to your contacts and music apps like Spotify.

Along with the centre screen, you get another 10.25-inch display behind the steering wheel. It offers various speedo and rev counter displays, but can also display a huge map that makes it easy to follow the sat-nav’s instructions even if you’re rubbish with directions. Annoyingly, the digital instrument binnacle isn’t compatible with your phone’s sat-nav.

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SEAT Tarraco
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