Audi A6 Performance

RRP from
50.4 - 62.8
0-60 mph in
5.5 - 8.1 secs
First year road tax
£205 - £515

All A6s come with mild hybrid engines as standard to boost fuel economy, but you’ll have to pay extra if you want fancy driver assistance systems and super-comfy air suspension

Performance and Economy

You can currently have the Audi A6 with one petrol, and one diesel engine. Both are 3.0-litre V6s and both come with mild hybrid systems to help make them slightly cheaper to run than conventional petrol and diesel alternatives.

The diesel-powered 50 model is the one to go for if you do lots of motorway miles. It’s very quiet on the move and fast enough to blast past slow-moving traffic – it’ll accelerate from 0-62mph in 5.5 seconds – but won’t cost the earth to run. Audi claims it’ll return around 51mpg, but you can expect to see a figure closer to 45mpg.

The A6 might not feel as sporty as some other large saloons, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing – it’s very comfortable and impressively relaxing to drive

Mat Watson
carwow expert

If you fancy something a little faster, you should consider the 55 turbo petrol model. This 340hp V6 produces 54hp more than the diesel and will sprint from 0-62mph in just 5.1 seconds. It’s slightly smoother when you accelerate hard, too, but isn’t quite as frugal – go easy on the accelerator and it’ll return around 35mpg, compared with Audi’s claimed 42mpg.

Whichever model you pick, you get an automatic gearbox as standard to help take the stress out of stop-start traffic. The seven-speed DSG unit you get in petrol models is smoother and more responsive than the eight-speed ‘box you get in diesel versions, however.

Comfort and Handling

The A6 doesn’t try to be a sporty saloon – instead, it’s a comfortable motorway cruiser that feels more therapeutic than thrilling. You won’t hear much wind or tyre noise at speed and the reasonably large windows mean you won’t have to crane your neck to check for oncoming traffic at junctions.

The standard suspension does a good job ironing out potholes, too, but you can pay an extra £2,000 for the optional air suspension if you fancy an even more wafty experience. This also helps stop the A6’s body leaning too much in tight corners and hunkers down at speed to make it feel as stable as possible on the motorway.

Around town, the Audi’s large size does make it feel a little daunting to drive, but there are plenty of optional extras designed to help you make light work of tight city streets. The rear-wheel steering option makes the A6 impressively manoeuvrable for a large saloon, while the optional 360-degree camera displays a 3D image of the A6 in its surroundings on the infotainment screen to help you avoid scratching your alloy wheels on tall kerbs.

There’s also a City Assist pack that comes with automatic emergency braking that’ll even work in reverse to help you avoid car park bumps and scrapes. Pay extra for the full-fat Driver Assistance system, and you get five cameras dotted around the A6 that monitor its surroundings and help it brake, accelerate and steer for you on motorways and well-marked single-lane roads.

These features don’t just make it very relaxing to drive, they also help make the A6 one of the safest large saloons on sale. It hasn’t been crash-tested by Euro NCAP yet, but you can expect it to score very highly.