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Best estate cars for less than £200 per month

So you’re looking for a practical new estate car but don’t have the cash up front? Don’t worry – there are plenty of great finance options available to you, and plenty of estate cars within your budget.

There are lots of different ways of financing a new car, so not all identical monthly payments are equal. Some agreements require little or no deposit but can have large optional payments at the end, while things like leasing mean you don’t own anything when the term is up. The cars in this list are all offered with a personal contract plan (PCP) and have mostly similar deposits with a 10,000 miles per annum agreement – although of course changing the mileage or deposit will alter the monthly payment figures.

Remember the cars on this list can still be had with massive savings if you use carwow (just follow the link to the deals page for each car) and most dealers will still offer attractive finance offers on your discounted price. Alternatively check out our car chooser if you feel that none of them are for you.


It may be a surprise to find a car as nice as the Leon ST (pictured at the top of this article and above) available for quite so little a month, but thankfully this practical and stylish machine can be had for relatively little money. Built on the same platform as the Volkswagen Golf, the standard Leon is one of the best hatchbacks available and the estate version just adds more room behind passengers.

If you have a deposit of £5,310, SEAT will supply you with a new Leon ST, powered by a 1.2-litre petrol engine and complete with technology pack too. The cost to you will be just £155 per month for four years, but if you want to keep the car then you’d best save up for the £7,029 balloon payment at the end of the agreement. Like with any PCP, you can hand the car back and not pay the extra balloon sum.

Save even more money on this smart Spanish estate by checking our our Leon ST deals page.


Like the sound of the Leon ST but find the deposit a little hefty? Or maybe you just don’t need the extra space? Either way its little brother, the Ibiza ST is also offered by the Spanish manufacturer for an equally attractive price. Compared to the Leon, the Ibiza ST is a bit more sharply styled but loses out on a bit of interior space, plus the dashboard layout and materials are not as plush as in its more expensive brother.

With a £3,423 deposit, SEAT will offer you the Ibiza ST for the same £155 per month as the Leon, over a four year period. As well as having a lower deposit, the optional balloon payment is also lower at £5,041, although the Ibiza ST in this example is powered by a less powerful variant of the 1.2-litre petrol engine. That said, the Ibiza ST weighs less than the Leon, so don’t worry about it feeling underpowered.

As ever, head to our Ibiza ST deals page to see how much you could currently save.

Skoda Fabia Estate

Based on the same platform as the SEAT Ibiza ST and sharing its engines, the Skoda Fabia Estate is a slightly less flashy way into estate-car ownership. That’s not to say it doesn’t have lots of merits though, and the interior is well made and spacious, and the boot is notably bigger than the one you get in the much bigger Leon ST.

Skoda offers very similar terms to SEAT when it comes to financing, and the Fabia Estate can be yours for £151 per month over four years with a £2,189 deposit. The slightly cheaper deposit is offset by a larger balloon payment of £5,688, but really there’s not much between these two cars so it’s up to you which you prefer.

Head over to our Fabia Estate deals page to see how much you could save on the list price.

Renault Megane Sport Tourer

The Megane and its Sport Tourer variant will soon be replaced by a newer model, but if you’re not fussed about getting the latest version then there are some great savings to be had. The Megane Sport Tourer is still an attractive vehicle and has plenty of room inside to rival much larger cars, plus equipment is typically quite generous and servicing reasonably priced.

Renault is currently offering the Sport Tourer for £189 a month over three years with a mere £1,599 deposit and £5,256 balloon payment at the end if you want to keep the car. The 1.6-litre petrol engine isn’t the most economical or powerful, but if you are willing to pay more up front there will be more choice available to you.

Check our our Megane Sport Tourer deals page to find out how much money carwow’s Renault dealers could save you.

Dacia Logan MCV

Renault’s budget brand Dacia also offers a practical estate car for not much money – the Logan MCV is an rugged little car that focuses on practicality above all else. OK, the interior trimmings may not be up there with the class best, but the top-spec Laureate trim still offers some niceties including alloy wheels and air conditioning.

A low list price means that you can drive away in a Logan MCV for just £149 per month and a £1,137 deposit – admittedly if you’re willing to commit for four years – but for that you get an economical 1.5-litre diesel and that Laureate trim. The optional final payment of £3,764 is good value too, if you intend to keep the car after that period.

Take a look at our Dacia Logan MCV deals and review page to see if you could save a little more on this great-value car.

Toyota Auris Touring Sports

From one extreme to the other, the Toyota Auris Touring Sports is one of the sleeker and dare-we-say-it more premium estate cars on this list. Attractively styled and with Toyota’s renowned reliability built in, the Touring Sports is a practical and well-equipped vehicle, especially when chosen in affordable Business Edition guise.

In said trim level, with the 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine, the Auris Touring Sports can be had for monthly payments of £200 per month over four years with a deposit of £4,647, and although the balloon payment of £6,997 is high, it is a lot of car for the money.

Our Auris Touring Sports deals page will show you the average savings from carwow dealers – just click the green button to start configuring yours.

Ford Focus Estate

The standard Focus hatchback is one of the biggest selling cars in the UK, so surely the estate variant is even better? Well to buyers after a practical Focus, this is definitely the one to choose – boot space on the standard hatch is pretty poor, and although not class-leading, the estate’s is at least competitive. Elsewhere the standard Focus’s strong points remain, so it handles very well and there’s lots of choice in terms of engine and trim levels.

In mid-level Zetec trim with the economical (and quite powerful) 1.5-litre diesel engine, the Focus Estate will cost you £199 per month for three years, with a £4,975 deposit and £7,220 optional final payment. It isn’t the cheapest example of the Focus estate but is probably the one most buyers will opt for.

Save money on your roomy Ford by visiting our Focus Estate deals page.

Hyundai i30 Tourer

Hyundai has gone from strength to strength in the past decade, and the i30 Tourer is a prime example of how its vehicles are just as good as, if not better, than the class’s best sellers. The i30 is practical, reasonably stylish and should prove reliable too. Engines are good performers and economical too.

Armed with a £5,500 deposit and £189 per month, you can take home a mid-spec i30 Tourer with a 1.6-litre petrol engine, and after three years it’s yours to keep if you pay the reasonable £5,015 optional final payment. There are cheaper alternatives but the Hyundai is still a great value vehicle.

The Hyundai i30 Tourer deals page on carwow can help you save money on your new car.

Renault Captur

The Captur is not really an estate car but it did replace the estate version of the Clio for the UK market (you can still buy the Clio Estate in Europe). That said it is still more practical than your average supermini and also has the raised driving position and chunky styling that lots of buyers are looking for – so it’s a natural competitor for the other cars in this list.

How much will it cost you? Well actually not a whole lot – £196 a month for four years, but the initial deposit is only £1,500 which suits most buyers, and this is the well specced Dynamique S model with navigation and climate control. Choose a lower-spec Captur and you can get one for £179 with an incredibly low £179 deposit. For the plusher model though, an optional final payment of £7,164 takes the shine off a bit, that is unless you intend to just swap the car for a new one after the period is up.

Check out our Renault Captur deals page if you feel like crossing over from an estate car.

What next?

Not only does carwow’s car configurator find you great discounts on new cars (just click the green button to get started), but it also finds the most affordable finance packages, too. For more help picking your next car check out our car chooser.

Ford Focus Estate (2011-2018)

Great to drive with decent space, but a high price
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