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Best cars for new (royal) babies

The nation has once again been gripped by the birth of yet another descendant of the throne, crowding round St. Mary’s Hospital to catch a glimpse of the new Princess Charlotte.

Her parents, of course, face the same dilemma as so many other second-time parents – what car to buy into which they can cram the products of their loins…

We’re taking a look at some ideal cars if you happen to be a Prince of the Realm – or just a parent with especially picky offspring.

Smart ForFour

Wills and Kate might like to keep things simple in these austere times and head for a small city car like the Smart ForFour or its platform-sibling the Renault Twingo.

Unlikely driver’s cars they may be but, more useful, is the ForFour’s tiny turning circle and the fact that the rear doors hinge open wide to 90 degrees, allowing plenty of access to the Prince and Princess in the back. Stick the ForFour into our configurator to see how much carwow could help you save.

Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb is used as a limousine for Czech dignitaries and you can easily see why. There’s oodles of rear legroom, which means however the royal family wants to arrange themselves, no-one’s going to be crammed in.

There’s even space in the back for an additional burly bodyguard to come along for the ride. To get your hands on this much room for less than you might think, spec up a Superb in our configurator to see some brilliant discounts.

Subaru Outback

When it comes to the kids though, it’s all about safety and, if the Cambridges want to protect the nation’s most precious assets, they’ll need a car that’s safe.

Step forward the Subaru Outback. In the revamped Euro NCAP tests for 2014, it scored 87% in the Child Occupant protection category – actually more than it scored for adult occupants. It also comes with a natty “EyeSight” collision avoidance and emergency braking system. See how much carwow can save you on a Subaru Outback by choosing your ideal one in our configurator.

Jaguar F-Pace

Of course, the first family are ambassadors for the United Kingdom and a British badge on the front of the car is probably an essential item. That leads us nicely towards Jaguar’s new family-friendly SUV – the F-Pace.

It’s a first for Jaguar but, building on Land Rover’s experience, this should be a very capable car indeed and ideal for an expanding and well-to-do family. When the F-Pace goes on sale in 2016, head over to our car configurator to see how much carwow will be able to save you.

Land Rover Range Rover

The top of the royal shortlist has to be the Range Rover, however. It’s been a favourite at Buckingham Palace for decades – the Queen herself reportedly frightened the King of Saudi Arabia in hers, having driven Land Rovers through World War 2, while both William’s parents had Range Rovers of their own.

It’s still the default choice for anyone who wants a car to do absolutely everything and has enough money to buy one, the Range Rover is the car that has it all for a royal wean. Put the Range Rover in our configurator to see how much carwow could help you save on one.

Cars to treat your kids like royalty

If you’ve more than two babies to regularly cart around, read our list of the best cars with three Isofix points. If you like the look of any cars featured on this list, head over to our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. To see more options, check out our deals page to see our latest discounts.

Subaru Outback

A rugged 4x4 estate that has loads of room inside
£29,995 - £33,010
Read review Compare offers

Jaguar F-Pace

Sporty crossover with great looks
£36,520 - £74,835
Read review Compare offers

Land Rover Range Rover (2013-2017)

A luxury SUV that can do serious off-roading
£77,235 - £167,350
Read review Compare offers
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