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The top 10 estate cars with the biggest boots

Estate cars are no longer just the reserve of the devastatingly sensible among you with many looking just as stylish as their saloon counterparts. They still offer near-unparalleled boot space and flexibility for those who don’t fancy an SUV or MPV and often drive better than their off-road rivals while using less fuel.

We’ve rounded up the 10 estate cars with the biggest boots on sale today. Head over to the new car deals page to find the latest offers on any of the cars featured in this list. If you fancy something a little chunkier, check out our list of the largest SUV and 4×4 boots. If you’ve already picked your perfect new car, use our PCP calculator to get a better idea how much it could cost.

1. Mercedes E-Class Estate – 670 litres

The Mercedes E-Class Estate is an impressive vehicle in every respect – it has a luxurious interior, stylish looks and running costs that aren’t much higher than that of a normal family hatchback. A standard nine-speed automatic gearbox adds to the relaxing driving experience and the newly designed diesel engines are efficient, powerful and much more refined than the old, grumbly 2.1-litre units.

Out back you’ll find a well shaped 670-litre boot, with a wide opening featuring an automatic boot lid as standard. You can fold the rear seats flat by using the buttons located just inside the load space, extending the total room on offer to a huge 1,820 litres. Self-levelling rear air suspension is also standard meaning that, even fully loaded, your Mercedes will remain composed and relaxed on the move.

Read all about the new Mercedes E-Class Estate here, and when it goes on sale you can be sure that carwow will be able to save you money.

2. Skoda Superb Estate – 660 litres

If you’re after a smart looking executive estate that’s surprisingly cheap to buy, look no further than the Skoda Superb Estate. This latest generation model has evolved into a desirable and capacious machine that’s hard to fault in any way. The Superb’s interior nearly matches Audi-like standards of fit and finish, and you can buy one with the same turbocharged engine as the SEAT Leon Cupra if you really want to shock boy racers.

In terms of boot space, there is a large 660-litre area behind the rear seats and, by pulling some levers, you can expand this to 1,950 litres – the same as the leviathan Volvo XC90 SUV. There’s a false floor in addition, to hide valuables beneath but, should you desire an electric tailgate, you’ll have to splash out on one of the top-spec Laurin and Klement models.

Discover the latest savings using our Skoda Superb Estate deals page.

3. Peugeot 308 SW – 660 litres

For a reasonably compact estate car, the Peugeot 308 SW packs a big punch. At just less than 4.6 metres long, it’s no longer than many compact executive cars, yet offers nearly twice the boot space. The 308 SW’s 660-litre capacity should be enough for even the most active families and the deep load area should be able to hold a mountain bike without removing the wheels. Fold the rear seats flat and this figure rises to a healthy 1,776 litres.

Peugeot has ensured the rest of the 308 SW makes a great family car too. The lengthened wheelbase improves rear passenger space and there’s a standard-fit panoramic sunroof on mid-spec Allure models and above. The 308 SW also has a range of efficient turbocharged engines – both petrol and diesel – so it won’t cost much to run, either.

Our Peugeot 308 SW deals page can have you save money on your new car.

4. VW Passat Estate – 650 litres

The Volkswagen Passat Estate has smart looks and a high quality interior that makes you question why buyers would choose pricier premium-badged rivals. The latest Passat features its own version of Audi’s Virtual Cockpit and, with plenty of soft-touch materials, it’s arguably one of the nicest interiors you can get at this price. Running costs are also nice and low, and the Passat has a relaxing ride making it an easy long distance companion.

The wide, square boot opening reveals a large 650-litre boot with tie-downs and hooks enhancing practicality. Fold the rear seats and this area increases to 1,780 litres – more than most buyers could fill. The hybrid GTE model manages to maintain these impressive figures, but looses out on the under-floor cubby space to fit its batteries.

Find out how much you can save with carwow using our Volkswagen Passat Estate deals page.

5. Honda Civic Tourer – 642 litres

You might be surprised to discover that Honda’s Civic Tourer has such a large boot – it’s hardly the largest estate car around, and its sleek looks might give the impression style takes precedence over substance. However, at 642 litres, it offers a good 100 litres more than many larger and more expensive cars. The square-shaped boot is deep and still manages to offer 125 litres of under-floor storage.

If you fold the rear seats flat, this space expands to 1,668 litres, but Honda’s famed ‘magic seats’ feature bases that flip up cinema-style, meaning you can carry taller objects in the rear, too. The Civic Tourer should also prove reliable and efficient making it a great choice for those looking for a practical estate car.

Discover the latest savings using our Honda Civic Tourer deals page.

6. Skoda Octavia Estate – 610 litres

Skoda’s Octavia Estate is a great option if you don’t quite need the space offered in the larger Superb. For many, its smaller dimensions and lower price are an added bonus. You’ll find a high quality cabin in the Octavia that’s not far off the standards of much more expensive cars, and lots of equipment you’d probably have to pay extra for in those cars.

The Octavia’s boot offers 610 litres of space with the rear seats up, expanding to 1,740 litres if you fold them down. The boot floor is completely flat, so transporting large, bulky furniture should be a breeze, plus there’s some handy hooks and a false floor to hide your valuables under. If you really want to go mad, there’s also a hot Octavia vRS model that should be able to put a smile on drivers’ faces.

Our Skoda Octavia Estate deals page can have you save money on your new car.

7. VW Golf Estate – 605 litres

The Volkswagen Golf Estate is based on the brand’s MQB platform, so is mechanically very similar to its siblings from Skoda and SEAT. The Golf may not be the most spacious of the three, but it’s arguably the most desirable and has the nicest interior. It’s also the most expensive, but this will also reflect in stronger resale values when it comes time to sell.

You’ll find a large 605-litre boot in the back, a mere five litres behind the Skoda despite its modest exterior dimensions. This gap widens when you fold the rear seats – the Golf offers a merely sizeable 1,620 litres of space, which is still more than enough for the majority of owners. Desirable, well made and practical the Golf Estate is an excellent all-rounder.

Find out how much you can save with carwow using our Volkswagen Golf Estate deals page.

8. SEAT Leon ST – 587 litres

If you’re after a stylish estate car that doesn’t skimp on practicality, the SEAT Leon ST could be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s mechanically very similar to the Octavia and Golf but SEAT has given its model a slinkier look for extra showroom appeal. It’s also a great value car, with all versions receiving sat-nav, air-con and Bluetooth connectivity as standard.

The Leon’s more rakish shape means its boot space is a little more limited compared to its siblings, but 587 litres is still significantly more than most rivals, and there’s 1,470 litres available if you fold the rear seats flat. SEAT also offers a folding front passenger seat should you need to carry extra-long items, and a double boot floor with hidden storage space features on all models.

Discover the latest savings using our SEAT Leon ST deals page.

9. Dacia Logan MCV – 573 litres

The Dacia Logan MCV arguably offers the best value space of any vehicle on sale today – it’s priced from less than £7,000 – less than you’ll pay for options on some of the cars on this list. The 573-litre space isn’t trimmed in fancy plastics and doesn’t have any tricks to fold the rear seats, but the boot opening is nice and square and, should you choose to fold the rear seats, you’ll have 1,518 litres to play with.

The rest of the Dacia is understandably rather basic but, if you spend a little more money on one of the plusher models, you get luxuries such as Bluetooth connectivity and air-conditioning. If you’re willing to compromise a little on style and equipment, the Logan MCV offers a refreshingly simple and ridiculously good value choice to buyers.

Our Dacia Logan MCV deals page can have you save money on your new car.

10. Audi A6 Avant – 564 litres

Audi’s largest estate model may be due for replacement soon, but the A6 Avant is still a spacious and luxurious choice for those who want a practical estate car with a premium badge. Basic versions with the four-cylinder diesel engines make the most sense for the majority of buyers, but there’s also the bonkers S6 Avant and RS6 Avant if you have money and fuel to burn.

Regardless of engine choice, the A6 Avant has a spacious 564-litre boot full of pleasing touches. A power bootlid is standard and there’s also buttons to fold the rear seats neatly without going round to open the back doors. The Audi’s boot isn’t quite as wide as some rivals but folding the rear seats still reveals a large 1,680-litre area – perfect for a trips to the tip or flat pack furniture store.

Find out how much you can save with carwow using our Audi A6 Avant deals page.

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