Audi A1 & A1 Sportback: sizes & dimensions guide

There’s a lot to love about the Audi A1 and the five-door A1 Sportback – its premium styling, punchy engines or excellent quality. It’s a small car, however, so it’s important to know if it’ll accommodate all the luggage and people you’re likely to throw at it.

We’ve pulled together all the key dimensions for the Audi A1 and A1 Sportback to help you decide if this smart supermini could fit into your life. Put either the Audi A1 or the Audi A1 Sportback in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save.

Audi A1 and A1 Sportback exterior dimensions

Both the A1 and the A1 Sportback are 1,906mm wide including their door mirrors, making them almost three centimetres narrower than a Mini hatchback. The wheelbase is also the same for both, at 2,469mm.

Both are less than four metres long with the A1 Sportback being a tad longer than the three-door – 3,975mm compared to 3,954mm. In terms of height, the A1 Sportback is taller at 1,422mm, while the three-door measures 1,416mm.

Exterior dimensions
Length (hatchback/Sportback) 3,954mm/3,954mm
Width including door mirrors (hatchback/Sportback) 1,906mm/1,906mm
Wheelbase (hatchback/Sportback) 2,469mm/2,469mm
Height (hatchback/Sportback) 1,416mm/1,422mm

Audi A1 and A1 Sportback interior dimensions

The biggest difference between the three-door A1 and the Sportback is that the Sportback has three seats in the back, while the three-door version only has space for two, with a cup-holding centre console in between them. The A1 Sportback has better rear headroom than the three-door A1 – 937mm against 925mm.

Interior dimensions
A1 three-door headroom (front/rear) 1,014mm/925mm
A1 Sportback headroom (front/rear) 1,014mm/937mm

Audi A1 and A1 Sportback luggage capacity

The Audi A1 looks small but the boot space it offers is competitive with rivals. The A1 and A1 Sportback both have 270 litres of space with the rear seats up, which increases to 920 litres with them folded. Extras such as the Bose sound system will eat up some luggage space, so weigh up how much space you’ll need before ticking that box.

Luggage capacity
Boot space (seats up) 270 litres
Boot space (seats folded) 920 litres

Audi A1 and A1 Sportback turning circle and fuel tank capacity

The A1s short wheelbase lets it turn within 10.7m, which is respectable for a car of its size. The A1 Sportback has the same wheelbase as the A1, so the turning circle also stays the same.

A 45-litre fuel tank for all variants of the A1 and A1 Sportback means its range can be quite extensive.

Turning circle and fuel tank
Turning circle 10.7 metres
Fuel tank 45 litres

Audi A1 and A1 Sportback weight

The A1 varies from 1,035kg for the lightest petrol model to over 1,300kg for the top-end S1 hot hatch.

Lightest (three-door 1.0 TFSI) 1,035kg
Heaviest (Sportback S1) 1,340kg

What next?

Put either the Audi A1 or the Audi A1 Sportback in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. For more options, head over to our deals page or, if you need more help picking your next car, check out our car chooser.

Audi A1

Premium alternative to the VW Polo
£15,565 - £24,125
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Audi A1 Sportback

Five-door version of the premium A1 hatchback
£16,185 - £24,745
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