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Audi A8 colours guide and prices

September 11, 2015 by

The A8 is Audi‘s luxury limo, built to take on the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series. Testers and buyers alike appreciate the stunning interior and wide range of powerful engines.

Choosing a colour for the A8 will be quite important. Large luxury cars tend to lose their value fairly quickly, so choosing a flattering shade might help stem the tide a little. As is the case with almost any executive limo, the colour range is fairly conservative: a sea of greys, silvers and blacks.

The good news is that every shade for the A8 – and the S8 super-saloon – is offered as a no-cost option. We’ve run through each the 12 regular options here, but remember to check our our car paint types guide for an explanation of each category of finish.

Solid paint finishes

Audi offers two non-metallic paint finishes, as it tends to do on the majority of its range. The quality of these finishes are assured just like any other colour, because Audi provides a three-year paint warranty (for any defects) and a 12-year anti-corrosion warranty.

Brilliant Black – £0

A simple, solid black. Given that the entire A8 paint range doesn’t cost a penny, we’d question not choosing this over one of the metallic alternatives, because they will be more desirable on the used car market. That said, speccing the ballistic S8 (above) in a simple black does have a certain under-the-radar appeal…

Ibis White – £0

As with Brilliant Black, we’d question the point of choosing Ibis White. Not only will metallic options hold their value better, but there is also the extra consideration that white cars are a nightmare to keep clean.

Metallic paint finishes

Metallic paint helps to make a car look that little bit more expensive than a standard solid shade. Tiny pieces of metal (usually aluminium) are help to give a sparkle in bright light.

Argus Brown – £0

This subtle greyish-brown works well on an understated limo like the A8. Being brown, you can happily drive it for miles before needing to wash it, too.

Cuvée SIlver – £0

Although this pale gold isn’t particularly desirable on the smaller models in Audi’s range, it is likely to be fairly popular for the A8.

Floret Silver – £0

The typical Audi silver will always be a popular choice among buyers, so if you’re unsure – or simply indifferent – about colour choice, then this is the one to go for.

Glacier White – £0

Measuring 5.1 metres in length, painting the A8 a bright metallic white is guaranteed to stand out. It won’t be to all buyers’ tastes in this segment of the market though, and you’ll need to be committed with a bucket and sponge to keep it looking its best. The metallic flakes will help it sparkle in a way that the solid white can’t match though.

Havana Black – £0

Despite what the name implies, Havana Black is actually a very dark brown – darker than Argus, for example. It’s very low-key, so shouldn’t really put off any prospective buyers in the future.

Monsoon Grey – £0

The typical metallic grey found throughout Audi’s lineup, Monsoon grey will always be a popular choice. Grey cars also tend to hide dirt more ably than most other colours, too.

Moonlight Blue – £0

One of the few options with any colour in it at all, Moonlight Blue is still a fairly safe choice for the A8, and it’s unlikely to actively put off any future buyers.

Mythos Black – £0

A metallic black will always be a popular choice for a large limo. Pick the sporty S8 variant to live out your modern-day Ronin car-chase fantasies…

Oolong Grey – £0

The third choice in the A8 range with a light brownish hue, Oolong grey sits between Argus Brown and Havana Black in terms of brightness.

Daytona Grey – £0

This pearl effect grey is only available on the S8 in the A8 range, and the special finish adds just a little more depth in comparison to the other greys. It’s a no-cost option just like the rest of them, so it makes for a tempting choice.

Exclusive paint finishes – £1,500+

None of the standard colours tickle your fancy? Audi offers buyers the possibility to dip into the Exclusive range. This opens up a huge range of choice, including purples, oranges, even a lime green.

We picked out Ipanemabraun Metallic as a good match for the A8. Classy, contemporary, yet just a little more eye-catching than the other options here. You’re unlikely to see much return on the £1,500 outlay, but it isn’t a significant investment when A8 prices start from around £60,000 anyway.

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