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Audi TT & TT Roadster colours guide & prices

September 14, 2015 by

The Audi TT has become something of a style icon since it was first unveiled in the late nineties. Now in its third generation, buyers will own a car that still stands out on UK roads.

How conspicuously buyers wish to be seen can be influenced by the colour they choose. Among the range of predictable greys and blacks are one or two eye-catching shades, and we’ve displayed all of them in our handy guide below.

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Brilliant Black (£0)

The colour choices kick off with a simple, solid black. Desirable on the used market, so not only does it look great on the TT, but will be one of the best shades in the range for holding value. Combine that with the fact that it costs more than £500 less than the majority of colour choices, and it’s easy to see why it’ll be popular with buyers.

Ibis White (£0)

A crisp, bright white complements the sharp lines of the TT well, particularly in roadster form (shown above). It’s easy to picture yourself at the wheel of a TT with the sun out, roof down while having a good old pose, isn’t it?

Vegas Yellow (£545)

Reserved exclusively for Audi’s sporty S models, we think this shade looks fantastic on the incredibly fast TTS. Guaranteed to be easy to spot in a car park. It certainly isn’t for the faint of heart, but who wants to look the same as everyone else anyway?

Metallic colours

Floret Silver (£545)

Ever since the release of the original TT in 1998, silver has been a very popular choice. It suits the modern lines of the small German sports car perfectly, whether you choose the coupe or the roadster variant and is a safe bet for holding as much value as possible when you come to sell your car on.

 Glacier White (£545)

The metallic white gives a deeper, higher quality finish than the standard Ibis White, and it’s certainly a very fashionable colour to go for these days. You’ll need to make sure you enjoy washing your car regularly to really get the most from it, mind you.

Monsoon Grey (£545)

A colour that will always go down well in the used market, but we feel this shade is maybe just a little too subtle for a car like this. To some extent, a sporty car is meant to stand out, and a dark grey achieves exactly the opposite effect.

Mythos Black (£545)

A metallic black, on the other hand, endows the TT with a menacing look. Still not very shouty, but it adds a healthy dose of aggression to the squat, compact coupe shape. Still, at £545 more than the solid black, you’ll have to make the most of the car shampoo to appreciate the metal flakes in the paint work.

Nano Grey (£545)

As shades of grey go, this is certainly an unusual one. Depending on your point of view, it either looks military-inspired or like a metallic primer. It would certainly be a colour you’d need to check out in the light of day before deciding whether or not you’re a fan.

Scuba Blue (£545)

A dark, metallic blue always looks classy on a premium car, and the TT is no exception. The shade suits the gunmetal grey 19-inch wheels very well indeed and, although not the most popular colour in the range, shouldn’t be hard to resell.

Tango Red (£545)

Ah, this is more like it. After all of the greys, silvers and blacks, a bright red singles the TT out as a sporty model. It helps to accentuate some of the more complex lines on the latest model, including the creases that angle down above the headlights, and the swollen arches that are a signature of the TT.

Pearlescent colours

Daytona Grey (£545)

Like the other greys in the range, Daytona is perhaps better suited to the larger models in Audi’s range. Here, without the contrast of silver brightwork it looks a little dull, even if it does stand out under bright lights.

Sepang Blue (£545)

Sepang Blue is one of Audi’s favourite choices for their performance models. Just like Vegas Yellow this shade is only available with the 309hp TTS Coupe. As a result, it is quite a rare hue, and for those in the know makes them aware that you’re driving something a little more special than the regular model.

Special colours

Audi exclusive paint (£2,025)

For those with a desire to be unique (and with deep pockets) Audi provides the choice to finish your TT in a huge range of shades. Within reason, they’ll spray it any colour you like. Please be tasteful…

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