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Why should you buy a diesel car?

Diesel cars are getting a lot of bad press at the moment because they are said to be more polluting than petrol-powered cars. It’s true that soon diesel cars may face higher taxes, especially in heavily populated cities such as London, but there are still plenty of reasons why a diesel engine might be the best choice for you.

Better fuel economy

In the vast majority of cases, if not all, a car with a diesel engine will be more frugal than the same car with a petrol engine. Many modern diesels can achieve upwards of 60mpg – only a few small petrol units can match that and even hybrids will struggle over a long journey.

Longer range

Better MPG also means that you go further without needing to fill up, so it’s handy if you don’t like your local fuel station attendants. Diesel may be marginally more expensive per litre at the pumps, but that extra outlay is wiped out when you might be able to squeeze a couple hundred more miles out of the tank.

If you’re driving long distance/ doing lots of miles

This ties in with the longer range – if you regularly drive long distances you won’t have to fill up so often. If you’re driving up and down the motorway or have a long commute to work, you don’t really want to be pulling into the service station every couple of days.

Diesels usually rev lower than petrols too, and newer diesels are barely working up a sweat at motorway speeds. This means that as well as saving money, you won’t be working the engine so hard so components should last longer.

They’re very refined

There’s a stigma around diesel cars that they all sound like agricultural machinery or lorries. That was more true of older diesels, and while some diesel cars will still sound rattly when they start, most are very refined once they’re warmed up. On a motorway schlep, a modern diesel engine will be quiet enough not to be intrusive.

Towing ability

Diesel engines are generally much better at towing than petrol engines because they produce more torque, a measure of power that defines how the vehicle feels when it’s accelerating. In diesels most torque is normally produced lower in the rev range.

If you’re towing, a torquey engine makes it much easier to set off, maintain speed and get up hills – otherwise the car will feel like it’s struggling.

Faster off the line

Because of all that lovely low-down torque, diesel cars are often quicker off the line than petrol engines – petrols normally have all their power further up the rev range. While you might not be using your diesel in a drag race, it’s nice to have that low-down power to get away from a set of lights. That means that in real-world driving, diesels pull better and feel slightly faster.

Big discounts through carwow

Now’s the perfect time to buy a diesel. Because of all the negativity surrounding it, some car companies are offering huge discounts on diesel models. We’ve compiled a list of the cars that have bigger discounts on diesel than petrol – they all work out cheaper than the petrol equivalents!

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