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Ford MyKey Review – Control and Track Your Car Remotely!


The Ford Fiestas MyKey might just be the most important car safety device for a generation. Sure, it isnt going to usurp the seat belt, or airbag, or even the crumple zone in terms of the number of lives saved but it is a significant step forward and is something that parents are sure to welcome.

The idea behind MyKey is deceptively simple: the owner configures a spare key to encourage sensible driving and to enable (or prevent disabling) key safety features on the car. Ford has put a short video on YouTube that gives a overview:

Its a bold move given the slightly sinister Big Brother overtones, but it is a move that, Ford claim, has been welcomed by both parents and young drivers alike.


On balance we agree; its a brave move and one to be lauded, which is why weve put together this guide.



Here then, are the five reasons why the Ford MyKey will help you sleep more easily when your children are out driving your new Fiesta:


1. Traction Control

MyKey can be configured to prevent the cars Traction Control system being turned off, something that will stop your children wheel-spinning away from a car-park or spinning into a ditch when they overcook a corner. You might be experienced enough to be able to dodge the electronic intervention on your way to a new PB during your commute, but is your 18-year-old?



2. Active City Stop

MyKey can be set to prevent Active City Stop being disabled. We arent sure why anyone would want to turn off such a great piece of safety kit but heh, teenagers know best, dont they? Well, they wont if youve programmed this setting



3. Speed warnings and limiter

The cars maximum speed is restricted to 80mph, but you can also set a series of warnings to chime and be displayed if the speed reaches 45,55, and 60mph. Neat.



4. Audio control and muting

Loud music kills concentration, at least in the early days of your motoring career, so it seems sensible to limit the volume to a reasonable level. Ford obviously agrees, which is why its enabled this setting on MyKey.


Interestingly, in a brilliant piece of lateral thinking, theyve also set it up so that the car radios volume is muted if the set belts arent plugged in.


5. Sat-Nav restrictions

MyKey can prevent the cars satellite navigation system being altered while the car is moving, removing another potential distraction for the driver.


All-in-all, its a brilliantly simple idea with far-reaching implications; it isnt only going to help keep your children secure and uninjured, its likely to spark an arms race among car manufacturers to see who can think up even more innovative ideas to keep young and inexperienced drivers safe.


We can see that your children might have reservations but anything that helps to keep them safe has to be a good thing and anyway, the Bank of Mum and Dad has the right to set its own rules, doesnt it?


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