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Ford Fiesta ST colours guide

April 24, 2015 by

Take a leaf through the critics’ reviews of the Ford Fiesta ST and it’s impossible to ignore the fact that this is one seriously fun car. OK, it loses some of the refinement of the regular Fiesta but, if you’re after some old-school hot hatch fun, the ST is hard to beat.

Fiesta ST buyers are likely to fall into one of two camps: they may want to go under the radar and not shout about the nigh-on 200hp you have under your bonnet, or you might want to shout from the rooftops that your £18,000 hatchback is as much fun as cars costing four times as much.

Either way, Ford has Fiesta ST paint colours to suit! Let’s take a look at each one and see how much they’ll add to the purchase price of the car. For more information on the different paint types check out our paint guide.

Solid colours

Race Red (£0)

Race Red is a very vibrant colour for the ST and has always been a standard traditional colour for any sporty Fiesta. It’s the only free colour in the Fiesta ST range, and will always be a popular colour on the used car market. Keeping it clean should be a lot easier than lighter colours, such as white.

Frozen White (£250)

Frozen White is a colour we’re seeing more often on the roads. There’s no question the Fiesta ST looks good in this £250 colour – it’s a discreet and classy. However, this will show up dirt like a blank canvas, and will potentially be harder to sell than other STs in darker, more desirable colours. That said, it’s half the price of the other optional colours, with a nice solid finish.

Metallic colours

Panther Black (£495)

Panther Black is a nice colour choice for the Fiesta ST and somehow gives it a sleeker and more aggressive stance. It’s worth bearing in mind that black cars eventually start to show up dirt, and it’s a notoriously hard colour to keep looking as shiny as the day you get it. That said, it will not be difficult to re-sell and will always be a strong colour for a Fiesta ST, even if it does cost £495.

Spirit Blue (£495)

Spirit Blue – a classic fast Ford colour – looks absolutely superb on the Fiesta ST, especially with its metallic finish. An easy colour to re-sell and more interesting than silver, white or black. If you don’t want your Fiesta ST to stand out though, this might not be the colour for you, so you could save yourself £495 and go with something more discreet.

Special metallic colours

Molten Orange (£725)

Molten Orange is a special metallic colour made specifically for the Fiesta ST. Finished here with optional tinted glass, it makes the ST look like a classy product – but you’d hope so for £725. You’ll know if you’ve seen one of these in bright sunshine before – the metallic flakes make it look like a molten orange ice lolly. Keeping it clean won’t be as easy as the darker colours, and it may show up scratches or marks more but it’s an iconic colour so it should be fairly easy to sell on.

What next?

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