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Mercedes GLC colours guide and prices

August 20, 2015 by

The mid-size SUV segment is one of the most competitive around. The BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Porsche Macan, among many others, offer great practicality with a raised driving position to help you see over traffic.

Mercedes has come quite late to the SUV party in the UK, but now it has arrived in the shape of the GLC. Reviews are very positive, so it’s likely that the latest arrival has shot to the top of many buyers’ shopping lists.

But what colour should you choose? There are 12 to choose from in total, and we’ve run through all the options available and their prices.

GLC solid paint finishes

Is the colour of your car not a major concern for you? The two solid finishes offered for the GLC should be perfect. They still look smart enough and they protect the metal bodywork from the elements. What more could you ask for?

Polar White (£0)

A flat white can potentially make a car look cheap, but the GLC has enough expensive-looking details to carry it off – especially if it is chosen in combination with one of the higher trim levels.

Black (£0)

A standard gloss black. It’s a no cost option, so there’s very little to complain about here. Chrome details around the front of the car and on the roof rails help it look rather smart.

Metallic paint finishes

Selenite Grey Metallic (£645)

A dark metallic grey is a colour frequently chosen on German cars, lending them an expensive, premium look. Selenite Grey is a very popular shade for the AMG GT, so if it’s good enough for a £100,000-plus supercar, it’s good enough for the GLC!

Diamond Silver Metallic (£645)

A bright silver which in sunlight bears a very subtle blueish tint. It’s a slight twist on a standard silver, and silver cars have the advantage of hiding dirt well, too.

Citrine Brown Metallic (£645)

For the first time since the 1970s, brown cars are very much a la mode, which explains why Mercedes offers two brown options for the GLC. One thing you must consider when buying a car in a fashionable shade is that in a few years time it might not be so popular anymore – so you may find it harder to sell.

Tenorite Grey Metallic (£645)

Slightly darker and just a touch bluer than Selenite Grey, Tenorite is ideal for those who don’t want to draw too much attention to themselves. It’s a fairly timeless choice, so it should be fairly easy to shift when it comes to trade-in time.

Iridium Silver Metallic (£645)

As with Selenite Grey, Iridium Silver is a popular pick among the Mercedes range. It’s a slightly brighter alternative to Diamond Silver, and its popularity means that a silver GLC is likely to hold its value very well.

Cavansite Blue Metallic (£645)

One of a very limited number of shades in the GLC range with any colour in them, Cavansite Blue is a dark, classy-looking blue which suits the car well. It’s a colour which combines well with the Silk Beige interior trim.

Obsidian Black Metallic (£645)

The metallic flake in Obsidian Black makes it look slightly more flash than the no-cost option under close scrutiny. After a long, thorough wash, the extra £645 might just seem worthwhile.

Special finishes

Each model in the Mercedes range can be customised with fancy interior trim materials and more glitzy paint colours. Known as ‘Designo’, these options generally command a higher price than the other colour choices, and the GLC has three.

Designo Diamond White Bright (£845)

For an extra £845 over the price of the standard white, Diamond White has an almost pearl-like effect to it. This certainly looks handsome under bright lights, but on your average rainy UK day it’ll be a little tougher to appreciate.

Designo Hyacinth Red Metallic (£895)

It may appear from the image above that Hyacinth Red looks like a fairly regular scarlet, but it needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. It works great when combined with the optional 20-inch wheels of the AMG-Line models.

Designo Citrine Brown Magno (£1,645)

Compared to the cheaper citrine brown, Magno turns down the saturation a touch for a slightly more subtle hue. It looks undeniably classy, but then you’d hope so for £1,645!

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