Mercedes SL colours guide and prices

The Mercedes SL, the German brand’s luxury two-seat convertible Grand Tourer, has been revised for 2016. Along with mild styling and mechanical tweaks comes a new colour palette for the exterior.

Mercedes offers a total of eleven paint options for the Bentley Continental GTC rival. We’ve taken a look at each along with how easy they’ll be to sell to the used market and how much cleaning each will need to look its best.

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Solid paint finishes

Polar white (£0)

A standard gloss white is a safe choice, so you’re unlikely to have too much trouble trying to find a buyer when the time comes to sell. Budget for plenty of car wash visits, however, because white cars are a nightmare to keep clean.

Fire opal (£0)

A bright scarlet is a classic choice for any sports car but, for a brand where understatement is key, it might put off some more conservative buyers. It’ll do a moderate job of concealing road grime.

Metallic paint finishes

Magnetite black metallic (£0)

It’s hard to tell from the image taken from Mercedes’ own configurator, but Magnetite Black metallic has a subtle blueish grey tint only noticeable in bright light. Black is unlike other dark colours because it doesn’t hide dirt well and’ll take plenty of cleaning to keep it looking good.

Selenite grey metallic (£0)

Dark gunmetal greys such as Selenite Grey have long been a popular choice for used buyers so, from an investment point of view, you could certainly do worse. Grey cars tend to be pretty handy at hiding dirt, too.

Dolomite brown metallic (£0)

Effectively matching the mud and grime on our roads, a brown car is a fine choice for those who haven’t the time (or the patience) to wash their car every week. Brown cars are very fashionable in today’s market but, once they go out of favour, it could be decades before they become desirable again…

Obsidian black metallic (£0)

It’s hard to go wrong with a metallic black – dealers and used car buyers alike will be very keen to take any Obsidian-finished SL off your hands. It’s not the best option for hiding the dirt, so be ready for plenty of car washes.

Iridium silver metallic (£0)

Silver is one of the most traditional colours for the SL so it’ll be hard to find anyone who actively dislikes this shade. Lighter colours like this need plenty of cleaning to stay looking good so budget for regular visits to your local car wash.

Brilliant blue metallic (£0)

This metallic royal blue is a popular choice for the firm’s AMG performance models. It’s less common across the rest of the range but is unlikely to cause much offence on the second hand market. Being a lighter colour, it’ll need more washing than a darker shade.

Special paint finishes

designo Diamond white metallic (£690)

This pearlescent white finish is sure to be an appealing shade on the used market. Be warned, though – not only will it need plenty of attention with a sponge, but the pearlescent flake is very difficult to match with a respray should you suffer any minor body scuffs or scratches.

designo Hyacinth red metallic (£690)

Much like the Fire Opal red above, Hyacinth Red is a slightly more outlandish colour so might take a little longer to sell on than a more subdued shade. Equally, it’ll do a moderate job of hiding the dirt.

designo Selenite grey magno (£1,995)

At £1,995, Selenite Grey Magno isn’t exactly cheap, but the matt finish will mean that you’ll rarely see another car with a similar paint job. From a practical point of view, it’s a great choice for hiding dirt but matt colours need extra care to keep their unique finish – we’d recommend keeping it garaged and avoiding parking under trees as a precaution.

Save money on your Mercedes SL

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